Accomplishing “The Thigh Gap” with Plastic Surgery

Accomplishing “The Thigh Gap” with Plastic Surgery

You might remember the hype surrounding target when they came out with their new swimsuit selection for the spring and summer season. Target got a little ‘photoshop happy’ on their models in order to portray a thigh gap.

Accomplishing “The Thigh Gap” with Plastic Surgery

Notice that in the picture, sections of her thighs were

cropped out making the picture seem entirely unrealistic. And it is.

Young ladies are craving the “thigh gap”. A trend that is unnatural and unexplainable. A thigh gap is exactly what it sounds like: a gap in the thigh area leaving your legs not touching each other. Apparently, this is becoming known as more attractive.

This trend is so desired that we are seeing a rise in thigh-specific cosmetic surgeries. The exact type of surgery can vary but thigh lifts and liposuction are among the popular procedures.

Dr. Robert Murphy, American Society of Plastic Surgery president-elect, says that this is nothing new. Dr. Murphy claims that the inner thigh area has been a big concern since the dawn of plastic surgery. Woman have always griped over the fatty tissue that is in this area. The trend in earlier decades was known as “heroin chic” and drew attention to the same procedures that the thigh gap does now.  According to Dr. Murphy, this has been and always will be an area of the body that bothers young women.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Thigh Lift.
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The difference today is the influence that social media has on young people. Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook make it necessary for woman to portray an entirely slim and sleek body in order to gain acceptance and more friends or followers. Even mainstream media has an impact. Victoria’s Secret, for example, has tall, slim, perfect models for their lingerie line. The Angels, as they have become known, are flawless, and every young woman wants their bodies. One thing is for sure – each and every one of them has a thigh gap. With the motivation from the media, woman are driven to obtain a perfect body and thus driven to go under the knife.

As mentioned above, liposuction is popular for woman who want a thigh gap. It can be done for all kinds of woman but the best results are achieved when the woman is young and has elastic skin. Older, looser skin does not give as good of results.

A thigh lift may also be done to improve this area. Perhaps this is for the younger group of woman who are still trying to fit in with the latest trends, or even for woman who have lost a lot of weight and need the extra skin removed and tightened. A thigh lift can help make all of that happen.

It is very important to love the skin you are in, but I want to emphasize that having a thigh gap is not the most important thing you need to be beautiful. Yes, physical appearance can impact your attitude and make you more confident. Yes, plastic surgery can help you achieve this too, but beauty also comes from the inside. That is the type of stuff cannot be seen on social media websites.

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