Basics About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

If you have recently had a mastectomy or are planning one in the near future, you may be considering breast reconstruction as part of the process.

Breast Reconstruction Miami is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast to near normal shape, appearance and size following mastectomy. There are several methods used to reconstruct the breast. Many involve the use of breast implants. Muscle flaps are also used.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is a procedure in which skin, fat and muscle are transferred or moved on a pedicle from an area of close proximity. These muscle flaps may also be performed as free flaps where tissue is removed from an area, which may be local or distant, and transferred to a new area.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Breast Reconstruction.

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Pedicle flaps do not require that the blood supply (the arteries and veins) from the donor site be freed from their natural connection. Free flaps conversely allow for the transfer of donor tissue from an area where the blood supply is surgically disrupted. It is then restored micro-surgically once the tissue has filled the deficient area. Some microsurgical techniques use only the skin and underlying fatty tissue of the abdomen while sparing the muscle. Implants and muscle flaps may be used individually or as combined methods of reconstruction depending on specific needs.

Choosing a surgical technique for breast reconstruction

As the ultimate goal of any breast reconstruction is to attempt to provide the closest representation of your natural breast when fully clothed, the techniques from which this is accomplished are numerous. The choice of technique is dependant on several factors including overall medical condition and body shape. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages related to each procedure that require thorough discussion with your surgeon.

Each technique has a distinct advantage and associated disadvantages. Breast reconstruction can be done with breast implants or tissues from your own body known as autologous breast reconstruction.

Most patients are interested in the number of operations a technique requires, the duration of the operations, the need and duration of a hospital stay, recovery time, associated life-long disabilities, common complications, and the level of the anticipated sensation achievable.

It is important to remember that breast reconstruction after mastectomy requires several operations or “stages” to complete. “Stage 1” of an implant-based operation is distinctly different than “Stage 1” of an autologous flap operation. However, nipple and areolar reconstructions are common to all sixteen of the techniques possible though they may not be necessary if you are a candidate for a total nipple and areolar skin-sparing mastectomy.

Having this surgery is a very personal decision and process for each individual. We are dedicated not only to performing safe and efficient breast reconstruction procedures, but also to incorporating the latest aesthetic techniques to maximize the final appearance of the reconstructive work.

What can I expect from the results of Breast Reconstruction Miami?

The post-operative results after breast reconstruction can vary dramatically. The proper choice of technique and the surgeon’s attention to detail will make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your new breast.

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