Before You Decide to Have a Rhinoplasty

Before You Decide to Have a Rhinoplasty

Before You Decide to Have a Rhinoplasty

You are never too old for nose procedures and they are sometimes performed in conjunction with other procedures such as the facelift.

Are you a candidate for a nose surgery procedure?

Plastic surgeons often recommend that patients wait until they are at least 15 years of age, and potentially older for boys, before undergoing a nose procedure. This is because the nose may not yet be fully developed before that. If you are a teenager, your cosmetic surgeon will need to be certain that you have given careful thought to the surgery and that you want to change your appearance for yourself rather than because of something your parents or friends are suggesting.

What is involved in a nose surgery – Rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery is performed using one of two procedures: If incisions are hidden inside the nose it is called a closed procedure. If an incision is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils, it is considered an open procedure. Through the incisions, the soft tissues that cover the nose are raised, allowing the surgeon to reshape the structure of the nose.

Changes may be made to the bridge of your nose, to reduce the size or width of your nose, to narrow the nostrils, to change the angle between your nose and upper lip, or to reshape the tip of your nose.

The techniques employed by the surgeon will depend on your goals and expectations as discussed ahead of time in your consultation(s).

What is recovery from nose surgery like?

It is important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions after nose surgery. You will be instructed to keep your head elevated for the first few days. Bruising and swelling are normal and will lessen over the first couple of weeks. You can return to work usually within a week to ten days, and normal daily activities can usually be resumed fully within three weeks of the procedure. You may have some residual swelling for up to six months, at which point you will be able to truly evaluate the final result.


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