• 10 February 2016
Skin Tight

Brian Flemming grew up as an active man in Michigan. By the time that he was 33 years old, Brian discovered that his weight had reached 625 pounds. But even this discovery was not enough to get Brain to change his ways. How did he get to this point?

What was going on “behind the skin”? And, what ultimately changed his life forever?

On TLC’s Skin Tight, we met Mr. Flemming who shared his life with the public. This is how TLC tells Brian’s story of what went on "behind the skin".

How it began

Brian was your average 27 year old man when he found himself in a deep state of depression. Brian stated that he had “given up on life” and at this point was suicidal. For some, these kinds of emotions may be foreign, but many of us go through seasons of life where we just can’t catch a break and depression controls our lives. Brian bravely shared these emotions with the world. He was at his breaking point. His solution? Alcohol and food.

Brian was consuming 7000 calories of fast food every day; nothing but empty calories. Not only was he eating more than average, but he also admitted that he was drinking a fifth of vodka every night to help cope with the world around him.

Why it changed

After six years leading a destructive lifestyle, Brian saw the number 625 appear on the scale but continued to lack motivation. On Skin Tight Brain shared that Jackie, a stranger to Brain at the time, was ultimately who convinced him to make extreme lifestyle changes.

Brian met Jackie online through an entertainment app and began sharing his life story with Jackie. What he did not know is that Jackie suffered from a medical diagnosis that left her fighting for life and physical freedom every day. This diagnosis demanded an extremely healthy lifestyle. Instead of having sympathy for Brian, Jackie was upfront and honest with Brian about his lifestyle, eating habits and drinking problem. She told him bluntly that he was wasting his life. This was finally enough for Brian to make lifestyle changes.

What he changed

Mr. Flemming explained to the Skin Tight audience what began his nearly 400 pound weight loss journey. Instead of gastric bypass or any other surgical intervention, Brian decided on lifestyle changes. His first step was to cut out the alcohol consumption completely. Brian made the decision to never drink alcohol again and to live a life of sobriety, and thus far, he has done just that. By stopping cold turkey on October 13, 2012, Brian promptly lost 100 pounds in the first three months.

It took Brian a mere 19 months to lose a grand total of 390 pounds. This is when he sought help from Skin Tight. Despite his discipline, determination, and hard work, Brian still had an extra 30+ pounds of skin hanging around his body.

Brian's Appearance on TLC's Skin Tight

When Brian appeared on TLC, he had been carrying around this extra weight for two years. He was ready to get rid of the excess skin around his midsection, legs and arms. But, as we know, this is not done overnight or with the snap of a finger. The plastic surgeon on Skin Tight was able to perform multiple surgeries on Brian’s midsection to tighten the area. The focus of the first surgery was on the chest and abdomen, followed by a second surgery to concentrate on the back and arms. To Brian’s disappointment, his legs went untouched. For the time being he would have to put up with the skin on his legs, as a result of the risk of complications. Because of the varicose veins in his legs, Brian must consult with a vascular doctor before any skin can be trimmed and lifted from his lower body.

As a result of his post-bariatric surgery, Brian is 30 pounds lighter and expresses more confidence than ever before.  

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