• 12 February 2016
Cosmetic Surgery Videos

We often hear that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is a saying that holds a lot of truth when it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures. A plastic surgeon can extensively describe a procedure verbally or through the written word.

For a patient to be able to see for themselves the before and after pictures of a patient or patients that have undergone the same procedure is truly worth a thousand words.

Imagine then the impact of video on the medical world. The ability to combine pictures with the spoken word to better communicate medical procedures to patients is priceless.

The team behind Face + Body believe in the importance of educating their patients on even the most minor of surgical procedures, which is why we invested in Understand.com medical videos. The inventor of Understand.com, Darik Volpa, worked in the medical device industry for nine years and started his business with the belief that there needed to be better communication between surgeons and patients.

Communication and understanding is vital if a cosmetic procedure is to have the desired outcome a patient longs for, and without fully understanding what a procedure is all about it can be difficult for a patient to know what that outcome truly is.

What is Understand.com?

Understand.com is a global medical education company and according to their website, their “medical animations enable physicians to better educate their patients.” Their 3D medical animated videos are at the core of their business and clearly explain “complex medical and surgical techniques using visual displays accompanied by step-by-step procedures.” They are partnered with major corporate partners including Johnson & Johnson and Allergan, and have a reputable global client base.

Video has the ability to engage patients and provide them with the best education and information possible regarding a medical procedure. Medical videos from Understand.com are professional, concise and are not time consuming to watch.

What does an Understand.com video show?

A video from Understand.com not only details the reasons why a patient would consider a specific procedure, but also outlines the procedure step-by-step from the moment you receive anesthesia to the incision location, to the actual procedure itself and recovery information. Because the video is three dimensional a patient is able to have a better understanding of what parts of the body will be affected, including the internal structures and tissues of the body. Most videos also outline any risks or side effects of a given procedure.

What are the benefits of using video to describe a cosmetic procedure?

As mentioned above, one benefit of using video to describe a medical procedure is that it encourages communication between surgeons and patients, and this increased communication is possible thanks to these additional benefits: 

Consistent Messaging 

Surgeons and medical staff are often asked the same question a thousand different ways from a thousand different patients. And while medical staff tries their best to convey the correct information, sometimes the written or spoken word can be misunderstood or taken the wrong way. By using a video library to explain a complex medical procedure, it minimizes the chances of a misunderstanding and confusion.

In addition to consistent messaging, a tutorial video also conveys tone effectively. Unlike an in-person conversation, in which body language or tone can be misinterpreted, a professional video is always presented in an even tone that captures the necessary details and information that is important to the procedure, without discrepancies or voice inflection that could affect how a patient interprets a message.


Face + Body choose to post Understand.com tutorial videos on our website because the Internet has a greater reach and accessibility than only having the videos available for viewing in our office. By posting the videos on our website we can reach an international audience without having to leave our office, which not only enables us to better service our current clients, but opens the door for new clients to reach us as well.

We feel video compliments the extensive written descriptions we have published for the cosmetic procedures we offer, as well as further explains the patient pictures we also have on our website. Through video, we can reach as many patients as possible with clear and consistent messaging.


Hearing of someone having undergone the same surgical procedure as you can be helpful, and seeing pictures of actual patients from your chosen medical facility can also be helpful, but viewing a video can be even more helpful. A life-like, animated 3D image of a person is used in the majority of the Understand.com videos on the Face + Body website. We chose these videos because of their likeness to a real human being, so that our patients can see the near exact locations of incisions, the true areas of their body that will be affected, and understand every aspect of the surgical procedure. By seeing their exact procedure completed on a human-like figure on screen, a patient is better informed to make the medical choice that is right for them.

Visual Understanding

Similar to a video description being more relatable than a written description, a visual representation of a medical procedure also offers a patient a greater visual understanding of what is to be expected in the surgery. The accompanying audio narration is always clear, concise and fully explains what is happening on screen, but in a way that is brief as to avoid confusing messaging.

In addition, a video is a great educational tool, not only for the patient, but also for the patient’s loved ones, who may not otherwise understand what the procedure will mean in terms of outcome and recovery times. Understand.com videos allow viewers, patients or otherwise, to learn the technical names of the body parts affected, including tissue and muscle areas, which will help them when it comes time to discuss the procedure in depth with the surgeon.

Video messaging is also a good way to get a patient excited for the result of the surgery… which is more than can usually be said about words on a piece of paper. By giving a patient the ability to see what a result from a procedure, they are more likely to be excited to see their own result instead of nervous about the surgery.

Reliable source

Face + Body invested in quality professional medical videos because we know the content is realistic and effectively communicates specific surgical procedures. Understand.com has thousands of clients and their animated videos are used by physicians as well as by medical device companies looking to effectively train their employees. Understand.com enables surgical professionals, such as Face + Body to create custom content that accurately describes a medical procedure in a timely and efficient manner.

When you watch a video from a reliable source, such as Understand.com, on a website belonging to a reputable plastic surgery company you can rest assured knowing that what you are watching is factual and not created to create controversy or to sell a product or service. Professional medical videos are designed to educate and inform patients.

Convenient medium

As video becomes an increasingly popular online medium, it is becoming easier to view it on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and iPads, which means a patient can not only view it anywhere in the world, but on any device. Even if a patient does not speak English, the images and details of an Understand.com video explain a procedure well enough to encourage a dialogue between the patient and their surgeon, thereby allowing patients and surgeons to connect regardless of geographical location.

And while the videos are available to view on the Internet, it is not permissible to share or recreate the videos. Companies, such as Face + Body have paid to share this quality content with their audience because they believe in the message and content they carry. If you are watching similar videos to those available through Understand.com, but through a video streaming site rather than a medical company’s website, the video’s authenticity may be questionable.

Are there other trusted medical video companies out there?

While other websites claim to offer medical education videos, Understand.com is the only publically traded company that has earned the respect and trust of medical professionals worldwide. Social sharing sites, such as YouTube and Tumblr will post videos targeted to those looking for information on a specific medical procedure, but weeding through them to find authentic quality can be time consuming and frustrating.

Some universities, including Oxford University Medical School, stream their own medical videos via YouTube, but while their intent is to educate, those videos are more meant for medical students, those who work in the field of medicine, or for individuals thinking of applying to medical school. While some of these videos may be factual, the techniques may be confusing, or may not be the same as used at a specific medical facility.

What Understand.com videos are available on FaceBody.net?

Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery has an extensive library of Understand.com videos available on our website to patients and potential patients. These videos were chosen as they best represent some of the procedures we offer. The Face + Body medical video collection includes:

Body: Including body contouring videos (such as buttocks, calf and chest implants videos); a video on fat transfer, a laser hair removal video, a liposuction video, a mommy makeover video, mini and full tummy tuck videos, and a varicose vein treatment video.

Breast: Including videos on breast augmentation (for both saline implants and silicone implants), a breast lift video, a video on breast lift with implants, a breast reconstruction video, a breast reduction video and a video on fat transfer.

Face: Including videos on lower and upper eyelid surgery, facelift videos, facial implant videos, a video pertaining to forehead lifts, hair transplants, laser skin rejuvenation, nose reshaping, as well as scalp expansion and scalp reduction videos.

Skin Treatments: Including a video on Botulinum Toxin.

Is it important to watch a video on a medical procedure?

It is not unusual for a patient to be hesitant to watch a medical video, but rest assured that a medical video from Understand.com is done with the utmost care and respects that some patients may be uneasy with the idea of viewing a surgical procedure.

Because Understand.com uses computerized animation, there is no concern that a viewer will be unnecessarily exposed to blood or actual surgery. Depending on the procedure, the Understand.com medical videos used by Face + Body will go in depth into a procedure with the intention of fully communicating what a patient can expect. The video is meant to be used as an educational tool and to encourage communication between the patient and surgeon.

While it is not necessary for a patient to watch a video about a medical procedure, we recommend our Understand.com video library as a comprehensive resource that compliments the information available on our website and given to them by their surgeon.

Can a patient still ask questions?

Of course! As mentioned before, the purpose of Understand.com medical videos on our website is to increase communication and encourage conversations about medical procedures. We want all of our patients to have full access to the information and materials they need to make an informed decision about a cosmetic procedure. We also want our patients to know that they have access to all of the information they need so that they are comfortable with their decision – including having access to their surgeon should questions arise.

Understand.com videos are beneficial to anyone looking to learn more about a medical procedure. We invite you to take a look at the collection of Understand.com videos exclusive to Face + Body, and if there is a specific procedure you would like a video on, but cannot locate on our website, simply contact us. Face + Body wants to provide patients with all of the tools they need to feel comfortable in their decision to improve their quality of life through cosmetic surgery. Providing professional medical videos is just one way we fulfill that commitment. 

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