• 18 February 2016
Medical Tourist in Your Own Country

Medical tourism is a rather novel concept. It was not until recently that people started searching outside of their home territory to have a surgery done. But today, the medical industry is booming and the practice has become widely accepted.

The reasoning behind medical tourism varies from case to case, but one of the more popular explanations is the search for a specific surgeon. Here in Miami, Florida, women and men come from far and wide to have their surgeon of choice do their surgery. Miami is home to numerous, professional surgeons who have completed countless plastic surgeries. We also are fortunate to have many specialized surgeons when you are searching for a surgeon for a specific procedure. At first thought, travelling to have a surgery might sound over the top. But actually, Miami makes the process super simple.

The Airport

  • Proximity to the city

In Miami, we have a local international airport, which makes traveling to and from quite simple.  Whether you are traveling within the states or coming from another country, you will be happy to know that the Miami airport is located in the city with close proximity to our desired destination in the city. Many times, clients do not even need to rent a car.

  • Affordable airfare

Due to the heavy traffic at the Miami International Airport, ticket prices tend to be reasonable.  This includes international travel as well. Depending on your location of origin, tickets can be quite affordable.

  • Flight Frequency

Another advantage to the Miami airport is the frequency of flights. It usually, is not difficult to find a flight to work in your schedule.

  • Immigration

Miami, Florida is one of the biggest ports for immigration in the United States. This being said, we know how to get it done in an efficient manner. Rarely do we hear people complaining about waits and lines while going through customs and immigration. After all, we do it every single day, several hundred times a day.

The Location

Miami, Florida is a huge medical tourism destination because of its general location also. Many people, when researching options, also consider carving in time for a vacation as well. And, Miami is an incredible city for a vacation as well.

  • Our beaches are beautiful and clean. They are quite populated, but I can promise that you will never be bored if you spend a day on our beaches.
  • The nightlife of Miami, Florida is in its own category. Whatever sort of entertainment you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it in Miami.
  • Miami is also a huge port for cruise lines. Several clients come to Miami, board a ship, cruise around the Caribbean, and then get settled in one of our nearby hotels for the surgery of their choice.

Another option that I see is for the surgery to be completed prior to the vacation. Clients may want to experience their vacation time with their new breasts, new buttocks, or mommy makeover. And, what better place to do that than on the beaches of south Florida? With this option, though, you should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time in Miami. Depending on your specific surgery and the speed of your recovery, you could be bed bound for anywhere from several days to several weeks. Lucky for you, many hotels are located 1. Near plastic surgery suites, and 2. In the heart of Miami and near the salt and sand.

If traveling alone, one recommendation to be prepared for, is acquiring some help during your recovery. Plastic surgeons may have some nursing options to help you out, so be aware that you will probably require some assistance along the way.  

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