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  • 20 April 2016

It’s the big day! The day when you’re going to undergo the transformation you’ve been waiting for. You’re finally through the brain-wracking session of selecting a surgeon and then getting convinced that he/she is the one.

But unfortunately, with the operation theatre at a stone’s throw, all of a sudden the Pandora’s Box of unanswered concerns pops open and it dawns on you that maybe the brain storming session wasn’t long enough. Maybe you forgot to inform your doctor about the cold you have, or did you inform him? Only if you had a checklist!

How could you not make a list of Do’s and Don’ts before going under the knife? Yes, you shouldn’t have ignored it. Now will the staff knock you out in a boggled state? No, not really! Relax, you’ll still have many spots and stations where they’ll comfort and assure everyone of your concerns. Nevertheless, if the entire scenario makes you worry about ending like this, then you better get working! make a list and see what’s done and what needs to be done.

Is your checklist ready?

Well, is your checklist ready? If not, no worries, we’ll get one ready right now! Let us get started.

cosmetic surgery miami anxiousOne week before surgery

A little anxious? It’s okay! The anxiety would be manageable at this point. There is a week more! That’s a lot of time. If anything’s left behind, you can certainly recall it later at night or maybe a day later and then get it done. But what if, you forgot? What if the information needs to be communicated as soon as possible? Well, just to make things easy, make sure you’re not forgetting one of the below mentioned points.
By now you would/should have talked about all your concerns and fears regarding your procedure. Remember communication is the key to a successful surgery.

  • Keep your surgeon well informed about;
    • Past medical history
    • Past surgical history
    • Current co-morbid conditions
    • Current medications
    • Drug allergies
    • Specific allergies
    • Family history
    • Specific illness/allergy related to the part being operated
  • A complete physical examination
  • A copy of necessary blood tests or profiles making sure you’re fit for the operation
  • Guidelines about continuing/stopping medicines that you take
  • Inform your doctor about any pain killers or anti-Pyretic you plan to take and discuss their effect if any, with them.
  • Doctor informed about any recent health changes like;
    • Cold or flu
    • Infection
    • Persistent fever
  • Communicate your expectations and motive
  • Make sure the doctor has your photographic record
  • Quit drinking alcohol (at least 2 weeks before the surgery)
  • Quit smoking (at least 2 weeks before the surgery)
  • Quit taking aspirin or other NSAIDs

One day before surgery!

Are you on a roller coaster of emotions? Well, you’re not the only one! Anxiety and at times panic is very usual for people about to undergo surgery. Some are anxious for how they’re going to look and some fret the sight of green scrubs and a operation theatre. Nothing to worry about!

You’re most likely to forget all the instructions and guidelines your doctor gave at this moment. A checklist comes in handy here for sure. Your checklist should mention;

  • Appointment and timing confirmation
  • Fasting state- make sure you get done with your dinner early the night before operation and have had a fair share of fluids as well because by any chance if you have food or liquid in tummy, you might get your surgery cancelled. Who would want that now! This definitely includes sweets and candies as well.
  • Any specific medications for the day?
  • Inform your doctor if there’s any infection. Chest infections especially.
  • Shower the night before! Not only will this ensure cleanliness but relax you as well. Even better if you use an anti-septic.
  • Avoid using hair gels and sprays and make sure you check them for;
    • Extensions
    • Wigs or hair pieces
  • No make-up. Yes, for your own safety be as natural as possible. You can always look beautiful once you’re done with the procedure. You can manage a few hours without cosmetics for sure. Lip gloss/lipsticks tend to hide original color of lips making assessment of cyanosis difficult. Also, mascara can cause eyelashes and flakes to enter your eyes and injure it. No contact lenses as well.
  • Likewise, no nail paint! Again with nail color on, assessment of cyanosis becomes difficult.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. The more you’re at ease the more you’ll feel better.
  • Shave the area if there is any hair. This prevents infection and makes things easy for staff! A happy staff indirectly means a happy you!
  • Inform doctor about dentures or non-permanent dental stuff you have! This is very important.
  • Read any sort of educational material (booklet, pamphlet) provided to you by the doctor. It has been given for a reason.
  • If you use hearing aids. Don’t forget to wear them to hospital that day.
  • Get your tasks done and responsibilities taken care of. Make sure you come to the clinic/hospital in a tension-free state. The procedure is enough to drive you crazy, you don’t want any other disturbances.
  • Make arrangements for your pick and drop. Avoid driving.
  • Keep all your personal identification and insurance cards with you. Don’t forget the id bracelet, if there’s any provided to you by the staff.
  • Take some cash with you.
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary personal belongings.

A lot for you to remember on tips right? Precisely! A checklist comes in handy here, relieves tension, answers your concerns and untangles the brain wiring at that very crucial moment.
Trust me, this is all what you want at the eleventh hour! If you’re missing out on any of the above points, then you’re not prepared for the surgery! Don’t waste time! Get your homework done!

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