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  • 26 April 2016

Like it or lump it, cosmetic procedures cost an arm and a leg for sure, but those who’ve been under the knife can tell that they’re totally worth it.


After all, the surgery makes you feel good about yourself, boosts your confidence, gives you a proportionate appearance and at times assuages health problems arising from structural problems (for example breathing issues due to large breasts). Undoubtedly the surgery you’re contemplating must be have innumerable benefits, but one has to consider the cost of the surgery before deciding if it is appropriate or not, unless obviously you have so much that it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Even before you think how the procedure would affect your outward appearance, you should think how you would be paying for it! So once you’ve chosen the doctor, understanding the cost of the procedure should be the next step! Or better yet, check if you can afford the procedure even before beginning the surgeon hunt. With a  majority of cosmetic procedure clients being women and breast surgeries being one of the most sought after procedures, we’ll consider breast surgery, understand the factors responsible for its costliness and then discuss various options that are available for payment.

Factors determining breast surgery cost

A breast surgery can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on a variety of factors. The cost varies from doctor to doctor, but make sure you consult an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, no matter how many extra bucks you have to give. A costly procedure is way better than a catastrophe that needs revision and still gives you limited results. Following factors are always taken into consideration while deciding the cost of breast surgery;

  • Surgeon’s Fee: This varies from surgeon to surgeon, and further depends on surgeon’s expertise, qualifications and obviously the location or the area where the doctor practices. Location is another important factor in determining if the doctor accepts various financing options or not.
  • Hospital Fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Pre-operative investigations
  • Medications
  • Post-surgical supplies and garments
  • Other overhead costs (few cases might require a prolonged stay in the hospital)
  • Location/area (surgery tends to be more costly in urban areas)
  • Requirement of additional procedures
  • Surgical technique used
  • Treatment extent

Make sure you discuss all these factors with the surgeon, along with your specific case, history and preferences during consultation. You might come across surgeons who offer low cost breast surgeries, but then make sure you’re fully aware of all the hidden costs. Also, it’s always good to go for a board certified surgeon, who’s qualified enough to do the procedure using the most appropriate techniques with optimal results. If you’ve been thinking of getting a breast surgery, then don’t let its cost prevent you from regaining your lost confidence. With so many financing options available these days, you don’t have to pay each and every penny from your pocket at once. Apart from cash, credit cards and loans, a couple of plastic surgeons have their own payment plans, which make the paying part easy for you. Most of the clinics have special staff that can help you understand the cost of your procedure. But of course for that, you’ll have to do a bit of research and set up a consultation with the doctor first, because not every surgeon is up for it.

cosmetic surgery miami plastic surgery financingFINANCING OPTIONS FOR THE SURGERY

Unless your large breasts are directly responsible for disabling symptoms or you’d have to undergo a reconstructive surgery after a bad accident, your health insurance will be reluctant to pay for a breast reduction procedure for example. Since it’s a cosmetic procedure and insurance policies mostly don’t cover it. No worries, you still have other options to tackle  the problem. The evergreen option, cash, has its own pros and cons, biggest advantage being freedom from every kind of debt. This specifically attracts the population that is not very fond of credit cards or loans. Another advantage, which might not be offered by every clinic, is a discount on cash payments in advance. The advantages of paying with cash again might not be true for everyone. If you’re one of those people whose account will be drained completely after paying in cash, then cash payments would not be a sensible choice. Instead look for options like a loan and installments. You should always save some cash for the rainy days. The burning question arises when you’re unable to pay upfront or when insurance doesn’t pitch in to solve the problem. Now what? How to pay for the surgery? Well you do have other payment options, for example;

Credit cards

Credit cards are one way of paying for the surgery and with a reasonable interest rate, they can be affordable as well. Credit cards are widely accepted and most of the plastic surgeons would accept this mode of payment. Also, you can use more than one credit card to make the payment. However, credit cards tend to have higher interest rates, which makes this mode a more  expensive one.

Plastic surgery loans

With special lenders providing loans to people who opt for plastic surgeries like tummy tuck, breast augmentation and face lifts, plastic surgery loans  tend to be a good option for those who don’t have cash to spend, or those who don’t want to drain their accounts. Plastic surgery loans can be tricky too and while you plan on taking it, make sure you have considered all these points;

  • Credit scores, overall credit history and repayment factors affect loans and their chances of approval.
  • Amount that the lender could give you.
  • Interest rates
  • Are there any interest free programs
  • Terms and conditions
  • Application fee and hidden charges
  • Duration in which the loan has to be repaid.

Doctor payment plans

This could be an easy way out, only if the doctor approves of it and works with the patient to devise a plan. The best part of doctor payment plans is the exclusion of interest. Also, surgeons could be flexible for patients by creating plans that suit the patient’s financial situation and if payment is missed or late, it will certainly not affect patient’s credit history, only the doctor patient relationship.

Pick the right one for you!

Be it credit cards, plastic surgery loans, doctor payment plans, cash, a gift, a loan from friends or family, or a low interest loan taken on the basis of a condomium or house you own (the interest rates of which are pretty favorable), Before you opt for any of these options, consider all your available resources and make a smart move, the one that burdens you less and lets you enjoy the matchless effects of a surgery which is costly, but undoubtedly, totally worth it.  Financial aspects are one of the most important aspects of cosmetic surgeries! Don’t under estimate them.

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