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  • 26 September 2013
Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: More than a Cosmetic Procedure

At the Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery Miami office, patients often arrive seeking abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedures. Beyond the tummy tuck, some patients arrive with abdominal wall weakness or scarring that prevents them from using their abdominal muscles for functional support or for posture . This means that a patient can not “pull-in” their abdomen the way someone with normally functioning abdominal muscles can. This can be as a result of recurring hernias, scarring or infection from previous surgeries, and in some cases, pregnancy. In these cases, the plastic surgeon will often recommend a full abdominal wall reconstruction procedure. This procedure is done in-hospital, often in partnership with a second board-certified general surgeon.

While a traditional full tummy tuck (there are also mini tummy tucks which are even less extensive) only addresses the skin, the tissue, the fat, and some musculature, the abdominal wall reconstruction will focus on the muscular structures, repairing any defects and restoring function and support to the skeletal structure. Not only does the abdominal muscle function assist in posture, the renewed ability to stand straight with a taught abdomen leaves the patient looking much slimmer and standing even inches taller.

Many patients choose to combine the abdominal wall reconstruction procedure with a tummy tuck or liposuction in order to show off those newly repaired abs. This combination is popular, though the possibility of combining abdominal wall reconstruction and tummy tuck is dependent on the specifics of each individual case. If the abdominal wall reconstruction requires extensive work or is particularly complicated, there is a possibility that the tummy tuck may have to be postponed.

In Miami, FL, the plastic surgeons at Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery are double board-certified, meaning they are both qualifed in general surgery and plastic surgery. This makes them the ideal choice for your abdominal wall reconstruction and/or combined abdominal wall reconstruction plus tummy tuck needs.

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