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  • 21 October 2017

medical tourism breast liftAlmost everyone knows what breast reduction surgery and breast implants are, but a lot of people are still confused what a breast lift is.

In fact, you have probably heard a lot of conflicting ideas about breast mastopexy that you’re afraid to even inquire about it in your Miami medical tourism trip.

But a breast lift is actually a procedure that you should strongly consider if you want your breasts to look nice and bouncy in a bikini or tube top.

Learn more about the common myths about breast lift surgery – and the truths behind them.

A breast lift can make your boobs bigger.

The main goal of a breast lift is to make your breasts appear perkier and more youthful-looking.

That said, it won’t change the size of your breasts since no breast tissue is being added or removed.

If you want to increase the size of your breasts, get implants or breast augmentation surgery. If you want to reduce their size, a breast reduction surgery may be more appropriate.

Even the popular vampire breast lift cannot make your breasts bigger, but it will reshape and round out your boobs as in a normal breast lift, making you look like you’re wearing a push-up bra even if you’re not.

Chest exercises will keep your breasts from sagging.

Many women believe that as long as you exercise and tone your chest muscles, you won’t experience any breast sagging.

breast saggingBut though exercise can help correct a certain degree of sagging, it’s not enough to totally prevent the occurrence of loose skin. Exercise affects your pectoral muscles more and not your breasts, which are mostly made of fatty cells. Plus, the loss of skin elasticity is a reality that every woman faces as she ages, and this contributes to sagging breasts.

Surgical interventions, like a Miami medical tourism breast lift, can help treat breast sagging. Coupling it with an effective exercise routine can further enhance breast lift results.

High-impact exercises will make your breasts sag more.

On the other end of the spectrum are those people who believe that exercising too much can cause your breasts to sag prematurely.

Though more research is needed, current studies show that high-impact exercises like running, plyometrics, and aerobics have very little effect on breast sagging.

The main culprit is aging, so instead of giving up your workout routine, you should minimize smoking and sun exposure, as these things cause your skin to age more quickly.

Your breasts need to be of a certain size before you can get a breast lift.

It doesn’t matter if your breasts are big or small – if you have sagging breasts and in good overall health, you may qualify for a breast lift surgery.

But take note that if you have very large breasts, your breast lift results may not be as dramatic as those with smaller sized breasts. That’s because of increased weight and pressure on larger breasts.

Some even feel that their breasts became smaller, probably because the excess skin is cut. However, no breast tissue is removed during breast mastopexy.

You need to discuss your expectations with your board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure that you won’t end up dissatisfied with the results of your breast mastopexy.

breast lift sagging breasts

Breast implants can also make your breasts perkier.

Torn between getting a breast lift or breast augmentation on your medical vacation? Focus on your goals.

If your main purpose is to add size to your breasts, then a breast augmentation is the best course of action. But this would barely work if you want to add height to your breasts and make them appear perkier. For that, a medical tourism breast lift is a good choice.

Letting your plastic surgeon know how you want your breasts to look like after surgery helps. You may also want to check out breast lift before and after photos of his previous patients to get an idea of what your results may be based on your body type.

You have to choose between breast implants and breast lift in medical tourism.

Why choose between a breast implant and a breast lift when you can combine the two?

After all, these procedures have different goals: a breast implant is for enlarging your chest size, while a breast lift is for making your boobs younger-looking. Getting these two surgeries at the same time allows you to achieve both of these results.

If you’re having your plastic surgery through Miami medical tourism, combining these two procedures is beneficial in terms of cost and recovery time. Many plastic surgeons offer discounts for getting a breast augmentation and mastopexy at once. You’re also reducing downtime by having them in one go, thus further cutting down your medical tourism costs.

breast implant plastic surgery medical tourism

You’ll get huge, visible scars with a breast mastopexy in medical tourism.

Scars are a normal part of any plastic surgery. Whether you get a breast lift from your town or through Miami medical tourism, the risk of scarring won’t go away.

But making sure that you deal with experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons on your health tourism trip lessens your risk of ugly scarring as they know how to hide those scars within the creases of the breasts artfully. You can easily hide them even when wearing your bikini. Plus, scars will eventually fade as your incisions heal over time.

A breast lift can remove stretch marks.

Sagging breasts are often accompanied by stretch marks resulting from a sudden increase in mass.

Unfortunately, a breast lift can’t remove stretch marks or even lessen their appearance. If there are people who claim that their stretch marks were removed because of a breast lift, that’s because those marks must have been part of the excess skin that was trimmed away.

If your main goal for getting a breast lift is to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, you better find other more reliable treatments to do so.

A breast mastopexy can increase your risk for cancer.

Some women are afraid to get a breast lift – or any other type of breast surgery, for that matter – because they are scared that it might make them more susceptible to breast cancer.

But there is no evidence showing that breast surgeries can contribute to the development of cancer.

Still, having safety precautions in place can safeguard you against any complications that you might get after your breast mastopexy. Some of these common complications include infection, bleeding, hematomas, poor healing, loss of sensation, and adverse anesthesia results.

Making sure that you are getting your breast lift from an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon is one of the ways to minimize the occurrence of complications. Having breast routine check-ups will also help, especially if you have a family history of cancer.

The results of your medical tourism breast lift are permanent.

aging breasts saggingOne of the main reasons why women develop sagging breasts is age. As you age, you lose skin elasticity, so a certain degree of breast sagging is inevitable. Other factors include heredity, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations.

But while a breast lift can make your boobs look youthful, it cannot stop time. It is not a permanent solution to breast drooping as the loosening of skin and downward shifting of your breast tissue as you become older will never stop.

Again, it is important to discuss your expectations with your Miami medical tourism plastic surgeon to prevent you from ending up dissatisfied with your results.

You can use supplements and creams to achieve results similar to a breast mastopexy.

How many creams and supplements have you encountered that promised to lift your breasts and make them appear perkier and larger?

How many of them worked?

The best non-surgical technique that you can use to make your boobs look bouncier is a breast lift tape, but even that is a temporary solution and can only be used beneath your clothes.

Be wary of any miraculous products that promise to improve the attractiveness of your breasts. If you’re worried about breast lift cost, just think that it’s an investment you’re making for your confidence and self-esteem. Plus, breast lift cost is usually lower if you do it via Miami medical tourism.

Fat transfers make your boobs immune to weight gain.

Because your breasts are largely made of fat cells, weight fluctuations can impact the fatty tissues in your breasts as much as they would affect the fat cells in other areas of your body.

That said, weight changes after your breast lift can still affect the appearance of your breasts. Weight gain can pull them back down again even if you just had a breast lift, so maintaining a healthy and stable weight is important to preserve your results.

It’s dangerous to breastfeed after a breast lift.

It is advisable only to get a breast lift once you’ve decided to have no more kids, as subsequent pregnancy can affect your results. However, changing the shape and position of your breasts will not make breastfeeding dangerous.

Still, you might encounter some breastfeeding problems based on the incision technique that your plastic surgeon used, which is why you should always discuss any future pregnancy plans with your medical tourism plastic surgeon so he can advise you what to do.

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