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  • 07 December 2017

gynecomastia medical tourismAre you tired of dealing with your “man boobs”? Is the constant teasing getting to you? Have diet and exercise done nothing to reduce the size of your breasts?

Gynecomastia surgery via medical tourism might be the answer to your problems.

But first, what is gynecomastia? It is a condition characterized by swelling of breast tissues in men, resulting in the appearance of abnormally large breasts. It’s a rather common problem, affecting almost have of the world’s male population.

But before you fly to the world’s best plastic surgery clinics to get male breast reduction surgery, there are some things that you need to plan first.

Check out the following things that you need to consider if you’re thinking about getting male gynecomastia surgery via medical tourism.

The Need for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Before you go to great lengths arranging your medical tourism trip for male gynecomastia surgery, ask yourself first: Do you really need one?

Having prominent breasts may be embarrassing, but not all men with man boobs can be considered to be good candidates for gynecomastia surgery.

If you are overweight, it is likely that you only have pseudogynecomastia – breast enlargement caused by fat accumulation rather than excess breast tissue. If that is the case, you won’t need male breast reduction surgery at all as your man boobs can be reduced through male breast reduction exercise and diet.

But if you have true gynecomastia, your best option is to go for male breast reduction surgery. Other gynecomastia treatment options – like male breast reduction pills, medications, and creams – have not yet been proven to work and still need more studies to support their claims. Plus, it may also take a long time to notice their results, even if those gynecomastia pills work.

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Medical Tourism Location for Your Surgery

You have a lot of viable medical tourism destinations to choose from once you decide to get male gynecomastia surgery.

But to help you decide which location is best suited to your needs, there are certain things that you need to consider.

One is the distance from your hometown. You have to know how long your travel time will be, as this can affect your preparation and recovery from gynecomastia surgery. Long-haul flights may not be advisable immediately after surgery, so you should be comfortable staying at your chosen destination for at least a week.

If you live in the United States, you can take advantage of the bustling medical tourism scene in Miami, Florida, where there are a lot of experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons.

You should also consider the healthcare standards and facilities of your chosen destination. Look for accredited hospitals that are well-equipped with the latest technologies and top-notch facilities. There are even hospitals that specifically cater to the needs of health tourism patients so that your plastic surgeon can properly supervise you during your recovery from male breast reduction surgery.

Take note also of the language, as you may have a hard time conversing in English if you go to countries like South Korea and Taiwan.

And since you’re already visiting a new place, it’s also best if you choose a location that has a thriving tourism industry and offers tourist attractions and facilities that interest you.

For instance, going to Florida for your medical tourism needs also gives you the opportunity to enjoy its beaches, shopping malls, art scene, and gustatory delights.

Medical Travel Arrangements

Planning a health vacation for your gynecomastia surgery can be overwhelming, so it’s a good thing that you can tap the services of medical tourism agencies to make your surgery hassle-free.

Medical tourism companies can facilitate your whole plastic surgery trip, from airfare and accommodation to the right clinic and plastic surgeon.

Be sure to look for an agency that has extensive experience when it comes to handling medical tourism patients.

You should also be clear regarding the services that they offer, such as coordination with healthcare providers, chaperone services, and flight and transportation services. Some companies offer all-inclusive packages, while others allow you to customize their services based on your needs.

It is also important that your chosen medical tourism agency is certified by the Medical Tourism Association, the first international nonprofit trade association for the medical tourism and international patient industry.

Ask the agency about its affiliated hospitals, clinics, and plastic surgeons, making sure that they match you with an experienced, reputable, and board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Gynecomastia Recovery on Medical Vacation Trip

One of the trickiest parts of medical tourism is your recovery after male breast reduction.

recovery plan medical tourism gynecomastiaThough gynecomastia surgery recovery is pretty straightforward, it still has at least a week’s downtime before you can go back to work and resume your normal activities.

You should rest your body during the first three days post-op, although you can do simple activities like sitting down, watching TV, and having your meals. Still, you should steer clear of vigorous shoulder movements.

You may go back to work after a week and resume low-impact exercises within two to three weeks. You can also do gentle exercises on your upper extremities starting at three weeks post-op.

Most patients follow up with their plastic surgeons five to seven days after male breast reduction surgery.

If you’re getting gynecomastia surgery through medical tourism, you have to follow your recovery plan strictly to ensure optimal healing. You should have a companion to assist you in the first few days after surgery. Ideally, you should also be staying in a hospital, clinic, facility, or hotel where you can properly rest and avoid doing strenuous activities.

Once again, a reliable medical tourism agency will help you stick to your recovery plan.

Health Tourism Total Cost

Male breast reduction surgery cost depends on several factors, like location, the extent of surgery, and plastic surgeon experience.

However, the average gynecomastia surgery cost in the United States is $5,000 to $8,000 – excluding your surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, lab tests, and post-op recovery.

But if you choose to get male gynecomastia surgery via Florida medical tourism, the male breast reduction cost falls between $4,000 and $6,500.

Does insurance cover male breast reduction? Unfortunately, it’s not usually covered by health insurance, except if there are underlying medical causes for your gynecomastia. Don’t forget to check with your insurer just to be sure.

But don’t worry because a lot of plastic surgeons offer financing plans and surgery loans to help you out. Just beware of high-interest charges and always check for hidden costs.

And since you’re choosing to get gynecomastia surgery through Florida medical tourism, you should also consider the costs that come with it, like passport and visa fees, airfare, accommodation, and emergency cash. Check out the costs that you need to consider in medical tourism here.

Selecting a Plastic Surgeon on Medical Tourism Journey

Medical tourism gives you access to thousands of experienced plastic surgeons all over the world, but remember to always go for one who’s got the credentials, reputation, and board certifications.

To score the best gynecomastia surgeon, check out his experience in doing male breast reduction surgery. The length of his experience says a lot about his skills and abilities and makes him less prone to committing surgical errors.

He should also have an impressive body of work backed by positive testimonies from previous patients. Don’t forget to ask for gynecomastia surgery before and after photos of old patients.

You might also want to ask for recommendations from friends and family who underwent plastic surgery before. Websites like Health Grades and Real Self also contain thousands of reviews and complaints about doctors all over the world, so be sure to check them.

Since you’re traveling to get gynecomastia surgery, consider how your plastic surgeon is planning to give you follow-up care even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

And most importantly, choose a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to ensure that he’s qualified to perform male gynecomastia surgery.

free consultationYou can find a couple of them here Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery Miami, as both of our plastic surgeons are experienced, reputable, and board-certified. Schedule a Free Consultation with us now so that we can properly assess your need for gynecomastia surgery.

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