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  • 23 January 2017

Plastic surgery is a wonderful thing – it can enhance your features, correct imperfections, and make you feel more confident with your appearance.

But surely, you’re no stranger to the many horror stories about cosmetic surgery gone awfully wrong – perhaps due to negligent surgeons, subpar materials used, or even plastic surgery addiction.

To illustrate, here are 10 examples of plastic surgery that went dreadfully wrong:

10. The Frankenstein Facelift

Enticed by the promise of cheap but effective plastic surgery, British mom Belinda Draper went all the way to Turkey to get a facelift. It was supposedly a medical tourism bargain at $3500 all-in when the average cost of surgery in the United States is around $6,000. Plus, the surgeon was highly recommended by her friend.

The initial results were awesome – fresh, plumped-up skin, free of jowls. But nine months later, it became apparent why the facelift was cheaper than the competition.

“Basically, my ears had ended up being stitched onto the skin of my neck,” Draper said. “I had a patchwork of scars that looked terrible. I was gutted.”

Because her plastic surgeon failed to tighten the underlying muscles and pull her skin taut during the facelift, gravity eventually caused her skin to drop and pull.

Fortunately for Draper, she was able to fix the scarring by going to a more experienced plastic surgeon.

9. Peek-A-Boo Breast Implants

plastic surgery breast implantsThe best breast implants are the ones that appear natural and inconspicuous, so you could imagine the horror when a woman found out that her implant became way too obvious. In fact, it was jutting out of her boobs.

Lauren Yardley paid approximately $4700 to increase her A-cup-sized breasts to DD. But her body rejected the implant, causing one of them to protrude from her chest and eventually, through the skin.

Her surgeon diagnosed it as a capsular contracture – a common complication in breast augmentation via implants, in which the body forms a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. But in Yardley’s case, the scar tightened so much that it squeezed the implant out of her body.

After her problematic implant was removed, it took seven months of healing before her doctors could replace it. All this time, she had to suffer the embarrassment of having asymmetrical breasts – one completely flat and the other still at size DD.

8. Booty-Flippin’ Implants

Ex-stripper Renee Talley only wanted one thing: to maintain her status as Las Vegas’ sexiest party girl by having a larger booty.

But this dream turned into a nightmare when her butt implant flipped under her skin, no thanks to the silicone implants she acquired from the black market in the hopes of getting cheap surgery.

Instead of saving money, Talley incurred more than $250,000 in medical bills – and a near-death experience.

“I was bedridden for four months. All I could do was lie on my stomach,” she said. “I couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom without feeling like I was going to pass out.”

She eventually had the implants removed from her wrecked bum.

7. Turning into Voldemort

plastic surgery rhinoplasty gone wrongRemember all the inside jokes about Harry Potter character Lord Voldemort and his almost non-existent nose? Well, after 22 nose jobs, Vishal Thakkar managed to get just that kind of nose.

Deciding to “be a little selfish for once” and “do something just for me” after getting divorced, Thakkar decided to get a nose job to correct his mildly asymmetrical nostrils. But his first surgery, though aesthetically pleasing, left him with breathing problems that forced him to get more and more nose jobs, which eventually hacked his nose to pieces.

Now, he has to keep his nostril (yes, there’s only one) propped open with a plastic tube, or else it will close and suffocate him.

6. Tummy Untucked

British nanny Helena Grace was ecstatic to lose weight after her gastric bypass, but she wasn’t thrilled with the large amount of loose skin left behind by her massive weight loss. A tummy tuck would have been the perfect solution, but it left her with more problems instead.

“I had, as predicted, no belly button and large flaps of skin that hung over my hips,” she said. “I also had a thick pouch of skin that sagged from the center of my stomach over my pubic bone so, to put it delicately, I looked like a man. It was very embarrassing.”

But to be fair, it was also partly her fault, as she signed a consent agreeing to all her surgeon’s conditions and didn’t bother researching about the expected results of a tummy tuck.

5. The (Literal) Catwoman

plastic surgery gone wrongAlso known as the Bride of Wildenstein, Jocelyn Wildenstein has been dubbed as a plastic surgery addict, all thanks to her desire to look like a lynx.

“A lynx has perfect eyes,” she said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “If I show you pictures of my grandmother, what you see is these eyes – cat eyes – and high cheekbones.”

Her journey towards becoming a human lynx started with an eye lift, and from then on, she went underwent plastic surgery after plastic surgery. It wasn’t like she was a victim of botched surgery; just that she didn’t seem to know when to stop. One of her friends actually said, “I don’t think I’ve known her when she wasn’t healing from something.”

At least she got the feline look she’d been gunning for.

4. The Botched Boob Job

35-year-old Debbie made the biggest mistake of her life when she got a breast augmentation surgery to increase her breast size five times to a J cup in the hopes of furthering her career in the adult entertainment industry.

But a week after her surgery, she developed a painful infection in her right breast, which eventually left her with lopsided breasts – one huge breast and one smaller breast without implants.

“It looks like someone hacked me up,” she said. “When I look into the mirror I see this grotesque image, I feel like a monster.”

Needless to say, her confidence was smashed to pieces and she became a recluse.

3. Scarface

Even £43,000 in compensation wasn’t enough for Pearl Richman’s botched facelift that left her scarred for life.

After getting a facelift in 2010, Richman developed necrosis on her surgical area, which resulted in the premature death of her skin cells. She also had open flesh wounds that were treated like burns.

“When they took the drains out of my face it hurt so much, I screamed and it started to go purple,” she said. “It went from a large purple bruise to a huge black scab that had the feel and look of leather.”

It could probably have been avoided had she chosen a reputable surgeon. But instead of doing her homework, she enlisted the services of an Italian “seagull surgeon” – a foreign doctor who flies into a country and undertakes a failed procedure before returning home, thus dodging negligence lawsuits.

2. The Human Ken Doll

miami plastic surgery gone wrongBrazilian surgery addict Rodrigo Alves had one dream in mind – to look like a human Ken Doll. And in order to do that, he had to undergo 43 plastic surgeries – amounting to almost half a million dollars.

It took a botched nose job for him to decide to call it quits, but only because it left him with a hole in his nose that turned out to be dying flesh due to lack of blood supply. If it hadn’t been treated, it would have led to infection and a gangrenous nose, which means it would have to be removed.

Fortunately, after undergoing a reconstructive rhinoplasty for one last time, he vowed never again to go under the knife. He still satisfied his plastic surgery addiction though by getting minimally invasive treatments instead.

1. Moldy Implants

Memory loss, vision loss, extreme weight gain – all of these were symptoms experienced by Anne Ziegenhorn because of her problematic breast implants: one ruptured and one filled with mold.

The worst thing is, it took more than 20 doctors over the course of two years to finally get the diagnosis and treatment right. The implants even endangered Ziegenhorn’s kids, whom she breastfed.

“My breastfeeding caused my kids to be ill. My son, at 19 months old, had a severe kidney infection. He almost died,” she said.

Though the implants have now been removed from her breasts, Ziegenhorn still suffers from permanent nerve damage and pain from time to time.

Based on the examples above, there are many factors that may affect the success – or failure – of a cosmetic procedure. There is no surefire way to guarantee positive results, but looking for a reputable and board-certified plastic surgeon is a big step towards the right direction.

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