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  • 27 April 2017

Plastic surgery is designed to improve your appearance. But beauty is a relative concept, so what one person considers beautiful may not be so attractive for another person.

That is why plastic surgeons have devised a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries that caters to the fancy of every individual – whether it’s making your voice a bit nicer or making your lady bits look and feel tighter.

Intrigued? Check out the following 23 peculiar plastic surgeries that will make you believe that anything is possible in this world:

Weird Hair Transplants

Eyelash Plastic SurgeryJust when you thought that you could only transplant hair on your head, here comes a plethora of hair transplants in the most unlikely of places.

Perhaps one of the most popular is the eyelash transplant, which gives longer and curlier lashes to those not gifted with the perfect ones. But unlike natural lashes, eyelash transplants continue to grow, so you have to trim them from time to time. Another popular transplant for women is the eyebrow transplant.

Men can also get chest hair, mustache, and beard transplant. Just take note that the hair to be transplanted usually comes from somewhere else on your body.

Buccal Lipectomy

Chubby cheeks look great on kids, but not so much on adults.

Just like any other body part, your cheeks can undergo liposuction through buccal lipectomy. This procedure removes the extra fat from your cheeks to give you a more defined cheekbone. It is popular among women aged between 18 and 35, and the interest for this procedure increases by as much as 44% every year.

But before you undergo this procedure, make sure that you find a reputable and experienced surgeon as the results cannot be reversed.

Dimple Creation

Perfect your smile with a wonderful pair of dimples, courtesy of a dimple creation plastic surgery.

Medically known as dimpleplasty, this procedure is performed by simply passing a suture through the inside of the cheek or the bottom lip and then tying it off to create a dimple.

During the first few months, the dimples may appear even at rest. But as time goes by, it only becomes visible when you smile so your dimples will look natural in the long run.

Dimple creation only lasts for 30 minutes and is minimally invasive, but the results are permanent.

Tongue Splitting

I don’t know why you would want to have a tongue that looks like that of a snake’s or a demon’s, but there is a surgery for that just in case you do.

Tongue splitting involves slicing the tongue down the middle to give it a snake-like appearance. You can even move each part separately – which simply looks spine-chilling.


People can either be an inner or an outie with regard to their navels. But did you know that you can now change the appearance of your navel?

Umbilicoplasty is a procedure designed to smooth down your belly button so that your outie turns into an innie. It is a pretty common procedure among women aged 35 to 45 years old and is often done together with a tummy tuck. However, it can also be performed as a standalone operation.

Patients with loose skin, hernias, and post-pregnancy outies are the most common recipients of this procedure.

Six-Pack Surgery

Six Pack Plastic SurgeryWho says you can only get six-pack abs by doing crunches to death?

With six-pack surgery, you can have a plastic surgeon sculpt your abs without doing a single sit-up. This surgery is just a stylized and advanced form of liposuction that is combined with skin shrinking to highlight your pectoral muscles and create the perfect washboard look.

Internal Bra

Sometimes, it can be annoying to wear a bra, so why not get an internal bra instead to keep your boobs perky at all times?

Your plastic surgeon will insert hardened silicone cups under your breast tissue. The cups are then attached to silk straps screwed on your rib cage, providing a natural lift to your breasts. It’s like a normal breast implant – only it’s located below your breasts and has strings that hold them up.

At least three British patients have undergone the internal bra surgery. Could the bra soon be passé?

Areola and Nipple Reduction

If you have excessively wide areolas or long nipples, you can make them more aesthetically appealing by undergoing areola and nipple reduction.

Your plastic surgeon reduces your nipples by literally cutting off the tip – with anesthesia, of course – or removing some skin at the base of your nipples.

As for your areolas, your plastic surgeon removes the ring of skin from the periphery of your areolas and sutures it smaller. The surgery leaves a permanent scar around the areolas, but its appearance reduces over time.

Cool Sculpting

If you hope that losing fat is as easy as pooping it out, well here’s a surgery that can help you.

Cool Sculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that involves freezing your fat and allowing you to poop the out. Your plastic surgeon squeezes your fat between two cooling plates to freeze them, then massages those areas to facilitate the fat’s conversion into triglycerides. The fats are then metabolized by the liver and eliminated through your urine and feces.

But before you barge into a plastic surgery clinic, take note that Cool Sculpting costs $400 to $1,800 per session. It can also freeze small areas at a time, so you may not see a dramatic difference.

Eye Implants

Eye Color Plastic SurgeryTired of wearing contact lenses all the time? You can change the color of your eyes once and for all through an eye implant known as BrightOcular, which also happens to be the name of the company creating these implants.

BrightOcular involves the insertion of a small foldable slip of silicone into your iris, thus changing your eye color forever. It can also be used to cover iris-related abnormalities.

With BrightOcular implants, you no longer have to worry about accidentally sleeping with your contacts on.

Smile Lift

They say that a smile can light up your face a thousand times over, so why not plaster it on your face permanently?

Get rid of your resting bitch face with a smile lift, a procedure that turns your permanent frown into a permanent smile. It lifts the sagging corners of your mouth so that you’ll never be caught grimacing again.

The smile lift is a pretty popular procedure in South Korea – and pretty expensive too, considering it doesn’t cost a dime below $2,000.

Gummy Smile Repair

Even if you have a perpetual smile on your face, it won’t light up the room if all people see are your gums.

Medically known as gingivectomy, a gummy smile repair can help get rid of the excess gums that peep through your smile. This surgery can be done in a number of ways, such as removing the excess gum or even repositioning your jaws.

But by far the most popular technique is cutting the muscles that elevate the lip and inserting a spacer implant to prevent the muscles from reconnecting. This makes the upper lip cover most of your gums.

Vampire Facelift

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, the Vampire Facelift has become one of the hottest trends in the beauty world right now.

The Vampire Facelift involves drawing blood, processing it to isolate the platelet-rich plasma, and then re-injecting it back to your face to remove wrinkles and create a more youthful look.

Platelets are said to be effective in removing wrinkles because they contain growth factors and healing properties that boost the immune system. According to plastic surgeons, the platelets provide as much as 15% more volume on your face.

Palm Line Surgery

If the lines on your palm speak of endless misfortune, then you don’t have to live that fate. You can instead undergo palm line surgery, which reformats your palm lines to bring you better luck.

Still, it’s not a painless process. Your plastic surgeon burns your hand with an electric scalpel that leaves a semi-permanent scar, serving as your new palm lines.

This surgery is mostly done in Japan, where palm reading is popular. Just make sure that your chosen plastic surgeon knows something about palmistry.

Hand Lift

It’s inevitable for your hands to sport some wrinkles as you age. But while keeping your hands away from the sun can make them look young, another way to do that is with a hand lift.

Juvederm, a dermal filler that is often injected on the face, can also be used for a hand lift to smooth out wrinkles. But just like any cosmetic procedure that uses filler injections, the results of your hand lift only last for nine months, making it reversible if you don’t like the results.

Cinderella Surgery

Cinderella Plastic Surgery MiamiFor most people, a shoe that doesn’t fit can be replaced by one that matches their size. But those who don’t want to adjust can simply get the so-called Cinderella Surgery, which involves shortening the toes to create a perfect shape that’s easier to sleep into stilettos.

Your plastic surgeon files down the bones of your feet until you get your desired shoe size. If it sounds painful, it’s because it is.

But as weird as it may sound, this surgery has medical benefits, as many of those who undergo this procedure have foot problems caused by wearing high heels all the time.

Toe Shortening

Tired of your fat, stubby toes? Plastic surgery can help.

Toe shortening involves decreasing the width of your toes to make them look good. Your plastic surgeon removes a tiny portion of a bone in your toe, effectively making your toes more proportional with one another. The surgery can also help your feet fit better in high heels and other tight-fitting shoes.

But take note that toe shortening can also have side effects if not performed correctly, like permanent toe deformities.

Voice Lift

Having a wonderful singing voice is something that others can only wish for, but if you have the means to undergo a voice lift, then that amazing voice is just a few thousand dollars away.

In a voice lift, your neck is sliced open to access the vocal cords, which are then tweaked via injections and implants to produce a nice voice.


Even rarely visible parts of your body can get a makeover.

With a labiaplasty, you can reduce the size of your vagina’s inner lips so that they do not unwittingly protrude when you wear tight-fitting clothes, like yoga pants and leggings. No more embarrassing moments when your camel toe decides to take a peek.

A labiaplasty can also tighten your vaginal canal and even enlarge your G-spot to enhance your sexual experience.

And just to give you an idea of how popular labiaplasty has become for women, the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery recorded a 48% rise in the procedure from 2013 to 2014.

Forehead Augmentation

Forehead Plastic Surgery MiamiMany people are unhappy with their foreheads. Some have a bony protrusion above their eyebrows that they want to get rid of, while others have foreheads as wide as a plane hangar.

Enter forehead augmentation, a cosmetic surgery that gets rid of all your forehead problems. It adds volume to your forehead via fat transplant or implant, improving not just your forehead but also your overall facial appearance.

Jawline Reduction

Have you always been teased about your strong jawline? You can make your jaws look more proportional with your face through a jawline reduction surgery.

In this procedure, your plastic surgeon breaks the jaw and sets it either forward or backward, depending on your desired result. But take note that this is considered as one of the most painful plastic surgeries out there, so be ready for a lot of pain during your recovery.

Alternatively, you can just visit a Botox plastic surgeon to have him inject Botox into the jaw’s masseter muscle to cause it to atrophy.

Limb Lengthening

Want to get taller, but your growth plates are already closed? There’s a plastic surgery for that.

Considered as one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries in the world, limb lengthening involves breaking the bones of your limbs and then inserting a lengthening nail inside. You then let your bones heal by themselves, and when they do, you’re already taller by a few inches.

But there’s a caveat, of course: limb lengthening is extremely expensive, time-consuming, and painful. You also the run the risk of bone non-union, which means your bones don’t end up fusing together.

Skull Reshaping

Ready for the most painful of all plastic surgeries?

Skull reshaping involves reducing your head by several sizes through a scalp incision where the cranium can be filed down. The opposite can also be done just in case you want your head to appear a little larger.

Of course, you won’t feel a thing during the procedure itself because of the general anesthesia, but just imagine how painful the recovery might be.

Most of these cosmetic surgeries may be out-of-this-world, but there are still traditional plastic surgeries that might help improve your problem areas. To learn more about these surgeries, you can schedule a Free Consultation with one of Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery’s double-certified and experienced plastic surgeons.








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