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  • 29 April 2017

For most people, plastic surgery is just something that the vain do when they have extra money.

But such a mindset is dangerous. If plastic surgery is just for the narcissistic, then what happens to those born with a deviated septum? What happens to those who cannot lose weight no matter how much they exercise? What happens to those who endure the back pain caused by their heavy breasts?

Plastic surgery has physical benefits that extend beyond mere vanity. It allows patients to hit two birds with one stone as it provides relief from their problems as well as vastly improves their appearance.

Learn more about the medical benefits of plastic surgery as you continue reading this article:

Medical Benefit #1: Improves Self-Esteem

Plastic Surgery Self EsteemPhysical health is just one aspect of your overall health. You also have to take care of your emotional, mental, and social health – and plastic surgery helps you with those aspects.

Being confident about the way you look can help increase your self-esteem and eliminate the anxiety that you feel when dealing with other people. It makes you feel better about yourself, and the people surrounding you feel this brighter aura and positive outlook.

A good example of this is breast reconstruction, which seems unnecessary from the physical health standpoint, but has made women feel that they were completely healed.

In fact, many patients have testified that plastic surgery has completely transformed their lives because it made them feel good inside and out.

Medical Benefit #2: Relieves Pain

Women with large breasts often suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain because of the heavy weight that they have to carry every day of their lives. It can be especially troublesome for women with small body frames, so breast reduction surgery is a huge blessing to them. It helps relieve back pain, and also makes their breasts look more proportional with their frame.

But breast reduction surgery is not the only cosmetic procedure that can ease the pain. Hernias can also be painful and uncomfortable, and abdominal wall reconstruction can help with that. Coupled with a tummy tuck, abdominal wall reconstruction can also make your abdominal region look more toned.

Obese patients also find comfort in bariatric surgery, as it helps them do things that were otherwise painful or distressing for them.

Medical Benefit #3: Lower Chances of Diabetes and Heart Disease

Fatty acids produced by fat cells in your body impairs your body’s ability to break down insulin. Hence, if you have a lot of these fat cells in your body, you’re putting yourself at risk for diabetes.

Liposuction removes some fat cells from your body, thus also lessening your chances of developing diabetes. The same can be said for tummy tuck surgery, as this procedure also targets fat cells.

Another benefit of fat removal is improved blood pressure and less cholesterol. Though the amount of fat removed from these surgeries is relatively small, it can still help reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Medical Benefit #4: Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle

Though most plastic surgery results are permanent, it still depends on how you take care of your body in the long run. You need to put in effort in maintaining the results by engaging in a healthier lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle includes having an exercise regimen and a balanced diet. Many patients have neglected to do this, only to realize that they wasted the time and money they invested in the procedure in the first place.

Procedures that need substantial lifestyle changes include liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, and bariatric surgery.

Medical Benefit #5: Improves Breathing

Plastic Surgery Miami Improve BreathingWhile most patients undergo a rhinoplasty to fine tune their noses, some people do it to help them breathe better.

People with a deviated septum – either congenital or traumatic – have difficulty breathing because of their narrow nasal passages. It can also result to snoring, which is inconvenient not just to a person but also to his or her spouse.

A nose job can help people improve their breathing and allow them to sleep better. It also increases oxygen flow to their body.

Medical Benefit #6: Improves Vision

Koreans are very fond of double eyelid surgery, which converts their monolids into the more Western-looking double eyelids.

But aside from that, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can also correct droopy eyelids, leading to better vision. Eyelid surgery can also correct dry eye problems that can also lead to improved vision.

A lot of patients have reported immediate vision relief after a blepharoplasty, as dry eye and droopy eyelids can have debilitating effects.

Medical Benefit #7: Corrects Deformities

It can be difficult to live with a deformity. A lot of kids tend to get teased because of their elf-like ears, while others are ridiculed because of large scars that mar their features.

Plastic surgery can help correct these deformities so that they don’t have to live their life in the dark. For instance, otoplasty can reshape elven ears and make them look normal. Scar revision surgery can get rid of keloid scars and make them almost invisible.

Medical Benefit #8: Gets Rid of Hernia

A hernia is a medical condition that can be resolved by abdominal wall reconstruction, a modified tummy tuck procedure that strengthens and repairs the walls of the abdomen that have been damaged or weakened. An inguinal hernia is the most common type that is resolved by this procedure.

The abdominal wall reconstruction can also be combined with a liposuction to remove excess fat and hanging flaps of skin.

Medical Benefit #9: Corrects Posture

Plastic Surgery Miami Improve PostureIf your abdominal muscles are weak, it could affect your posture by making you either hunch over or sway your back.

But after undergoing a tummy tuck to help strengthen your abdominal muscles supporting the spine, your posture could improve significantly. The same thing goes for breast reduction, wherein your chest muscles are strengthened. Both these procedures not only improve posture but also dramatically reduce back pain.

Medical Benefit #10: Helps You Live Longer

Because of the many health benefits of plastic surgery – such as decreasing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart ailments – many of these procedures can help you live longer.

Living a healthy lifestyle after your surgery not only helps keep excess weight at bay but also makes you healthier overall. Increased self-confidence also benefits your mental health, giving you a more positive outlook on life.

Plastic surgery gives you more than just a pretty face and a smoking body. If you want to learn more about the different cosmetic procedures that can improve your quality of life, schedule a Free Consultation with one of Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery’s board-certified and experienced plastic surgeons.






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