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  • 04 May 2017

Mistakes Plastic SurgeryYou’ve probably heard of a hundred plastic surgery horror stories, making you reluctant to undergo plastic surgery even though you’re tempted to.

But have you noticed that in almost each one of those stories, there are things that the patient could have done differently?

What if he knew about that risk? What if he didn’t get the discount? What if he didn’t go to that plastic surgeon?

As humans, we all make mistakes. Fortunately, you can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid committing them when you get plastic surgery.

Check out these ten careless mistakes that plastic surgery patients make:

Mistake #1: Getting Plastic Surgery for the Wrong Reasons

Every person has his or her reasons for getting plastic surgery. Some people want to look attractive. Others want to correct a deformity. There are also individuals who want to enhance their features. Those are all good reasons to get plastic surgery.

But if you are motivated to undergo a tummy tuck just because your friend did so, that’s not a good enough reason. If your boyfriend wanted you to add a couple more cup sizes to your breasts even though you’re completely satisfied with them, that’s not a good reason either.

Get plastic surgery because it will make you happy, not because someone else told you to do it.

Mistake #2: Researching Without Discerning

Researching Plastic SurgeryYou might have scoured the Internet for the best plastic surgery clinic, but are you sure that the information that you collected is right?

Just because you saw an advertisement on television for a plastic surgery clinic doesn’t mean that it’s the best one out there. The fact that the clinic is advertising itself says that it’s still looking for more clients because it doesn’t have enough.

The reviews you read on the Internet can also be unreliable. Some helpful reviews may have been manufactured by the surgeon himself, while some bad reviews may have been planted just to mar a doctor’s reputation.

The bottom line is, think while you’re researching. Ask for recommendations not just from one person but also from others. If you can get ahold of a plastic surgeon’s previous patients, do so and ask them about their experiences. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.

Mistake #3: Not Asking Questions

Sometimes, you come across a plastic surgeon who’s so eloquent that you’re intimidated to ask questions. But not asking what’s bothering you is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a plastic surgery patient.

Ask about the complications and risks of the procedure you’re getting. Most likely, your plastic surgeon won’t readily provide this information to you.

Ask if your expectations can be met. One of the reasons why patients end up dissatisfied with the results of their plastic surgery is unmet expectations.

Ask about recovery after plastic surgery. Most surgeries have a couple of weeks’ downtime, so you should know what you can and you can’t do right after surgery.

Just like how a diligent student always asks questions to satisfy his curiosity, you should also ask questions about your plastic surgery.

Mistake #4: Withholding Information

Are you ashamed to tell your plastic surgeon that you smoke 12 sticks of cigarette a day? Or that you’re taking weight loss supplements since your teenage years?

Even though you’re not proud of those things, you have to disclose them to your plastic surgeon. Nothing good will come out of withholding facts that might make a dramatic difference to your plastic surgery.

Some dietary supplements react adversely to anesthetics, so not telling your doctor that you’re taking them could cost you your lift. Cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking may also interfere with your healing process.

Remember that your plastic surgeon is there not to judge you, but to help you. He can only make informed and proper decisions about your plastic surgery if you disclose everything to him.

Mistake #5: Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Many patients visit plastic surgery clinics only to be turned back because they are expecting miraculous results. If you weigh 300 pounds and want to achieve a Taylor Swift figure through liposuction, then you’re only kidding yourself.

Plastic surgery can make you look better, but it is not a miracle treatment that can instantly transform you into your favorite celebrity. There are limitations depending on the skills of your plastic surgeon, your body type, and the procedure itself.

It is important to discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon on your initial consultation to know if they are achievable or if you need to adjust them.

Mistake #6: Comparing Your Results with Others

Just because your best friend successfully converted her B cup breasts to D cup doesn’t mean that it will work the same for you.

The anatomy of one patient is different from another, so the results may also differ. Some patients easily fade their scars, while other patients have a tough time hiding theirs. A nose lift may produce excellent results for some, but for others, the results may not be that stunning.

It’s okay to look at before and after photos of your plastic surgeon’s previous patients to gauge his skill, but don’t expect your results to be exactly like theirs.

Mistake #7: Underestimating the Recovery Period

Invasive plastic surgeries, like tummy tuck and lower body lift, all have downtime. No matter how sedentary your work is, you can’t go back to it just after a day of resting.

You’ll most likely spend two weeks at home after your plastic surgery, so make sure that you have prepared all your provisions during that period. You should have a companion to take care of you even just for the first few days after your operation. You should also avoid strenuous activities and heavy exercises up to about six weeks after your surgery.

Mistake #8: Prioritizing Your Budget

Budget Plastic Surgery MiamiYour budget should be one of your considerations when having plastic surgery, but it should be the sole basis for all your decisions. You might think that you’re getting the deal of a lifetime, only to regret your decision once you develop complications.

Instead of looking for promos and discounts, find a plastic surgeon with an excellent track record and a plastic surgery clinic that has a good reputation. Consider other things, such as the location of the plastic surgery clinic, where your operation will be done, and the other staff who will be assisting your plastic surgeon.

Mistake #9: Sticking to One Recommendation

Just because you heard about a famous plastic surgeon on social media doesn’t mean that he’s the best in the field.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, don’t just research about one person. Look for other plastic surgeons who might not be as popular but has a small following because of his experience and reputation.

It’s a good thing to list down the plastic surgeons in your area, visit them for an initial consultation, and decide which one suits you. Who knows, you might find someone better than the one you initially had in mind.

Mistake #10: Choosing the Wrong Plastic Surgeon

Patient Plastic Surgery MiamiDid you know that any doctor in Miami can perform plastic surgery? Even if he’s a gynecologist or an EENT doctor without any plastic surgery experience, he can do your liposuction and breast lift surgery without breaking any law.

If you want to prevent that from happening, choose a plastic surgeon based on his credentials and experience. A plastic surgeon with a board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery means that he graduated from an accredited medical school, has a license to practice medicine, had at least two years of plastic surgery training, practiced it for at least six months, and completed all exams.

You should also choose a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with, one whom you can completely trust.

Not sure where to look for a board-certified plastic surgeon? Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery in Miami boasts of not one, but two, double-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience in various plastic surgeries. Schedule a Free Consultation with one of them now.




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