• 27 March 2014


I think it is safe to say that the annoying arm fat that covers the triceps on the back of the arm is one of the most difficult area to shape and firm when trying to get your body into tip top shape. Not only is it difficult to shed the pounds, it is then equally as difficult to rid yourself of the excess skin that remains. And, let’s face

it, that arm fat and excess skin is extremely tough to cover up before heading out to the beach. No one likes this area on themselves when it’s in this condition, and we now have an arm lift procedure as a means of changing it.

What many people wonder is:

  • How long before I can slip on my bikini again and feel more confident?
  • What should I expect after an arm lift surgery?
  • Will I be in a lot of pain?
  • Are there certain considerations that I should make note of before going into this surgical procedure?

Well, each experience is completely different and everyone heals at different rates. Our genetic make-ups, our existing medical conditions and the extent of the surgery all affect how quickly each individual body heals. But, a few things can pretty much always be expected during the recovery phase of an arm lift. You will come out of surgery with dressings to cover the incisions that were made, and you will likely have elastic bandages applied to your arms. The elastic bandaging helps relieve the swelling that occurs, and the compression should significantly help reduce the inflammation over time.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before an Arm Lift procedure.
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Sometimes, there will also be a drain placed in order to help rid the body of any pooling blood and fluid from the area.

Since both arms are typically operated on simultaneously, you will usually need someone to help you care for your incisions. You should also expect to need help performing your daily activities until you recover from the associated soreness of the arm lift.

You should be aware that infection is a risk of an arm lift, but preventative measures can significantly reduce this. You will be on prophylactic antibiotics, and it will also be important for you to provide good hygiene to the incisions. Knowing the signs of infection is important. Early detection could save you from further complications. You should seek medical advice and consult with your physician when the first signs appear. Redness may appear but it should not spread beyond the location of the incisions. If the red areas begin radiating heat, you should recognize this as possible infection. Also, if you come down with a fever or have febrile symptoms, a doctor should be notified.

Since everyone heals differently, you should consult with your plastic surgeon before the arm lift procedure to determine what to expect. The beautiful thing about an arm lift is that the results are essentially permanent. Although aging with occur, and your skin will start to lose its tightness, the procedure will never reverse itself. Be sure to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise program to avoid gaining weight again. A healthy lifestyle will help provide lasting results.