• 25 June 2014
Arm Lift Procedures on the Rise

Plastic surgery continues to be increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. We have previously mentioned plastic surgeries that are on the rise including the Brazilian Butt lift and noninvasive procedures like Botox and fillers.

In the last decade, we have also seen a rise in the need for more post-bariatric


Post-bariatric surgery is defined as a surgery that is perform after someone has lost a lot of weight and, as a result, excess skin and surplus tissue remains. There are a lot of surgeries that fall into this category. They include but are not limited to: breast lifts, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, neck lifts, and arm lifts.

Over the last decade the number of arm lifts performed has skyrocketed. Arm lifts, also known as brachioplasties, also fall under the post-bariatric surgery category. The surgery targets the upper arm area. Since the year 2000, arm lifts have increased more than 4,378% according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Only a little more than 300 arm lift surgeries were performed in the year 2000 while more than 13,000 arm lifts were done in 2012.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before an Arm Lift procedure.
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Why has there been such a large increase in arm lifts?

Arm lifts are becoming more popular for a lot of reasons. One reason may simply be more widespread knowledge of the surgery’s existence. Some argue that the increase is a result of a growing weight loss trend. Whether the weight loss is a result of diet and exercise or bariatric surgeries, you end up with the same result in your upper arms: excess and saggy skin. Knowing that plastic surgery can help you develop better shape without the saggy skin has many looking into the surgery.

In the past, liposuction alone might be what patients arrived at the office requesting for their upper arms. However, it is becoming more well-known that liposuction will not reshape your arms or remove the extra skin. Liposuction can only target fatty tissue. A consultation with a certified plastic surgeon will give you a better idea of what procedure is best for your individual case. The answer may a combination of both procedures.

Pros and cons of an arm lift

It is your right, as the patient, to understand 100% of what the surgery entails. You should also have realistic expectations. One of the biggest concerns with brachioplasty is the scarring. It is important that you understand that you will be trading one thing for another. Slimmer, more defined upper arms will be accomplished, but a large scar will be the trade-off. If you do not want any visible scarring, you should consult your surgeon to determine alternative options. A less invasive procedure, like liposuction, may be the appropriate route for you.

Upper arms are a very difficult place to specifically shed fat. Proper diet and exercise should always be your first choice to fight extra weight. An arm lift is most successful once you are at a stable, healthy weight.