• 30 July 2014
Why You Should Wait to Have Body Contouring Surgery

Post bariatric surgery can be done using multiple surgeries. While there are some common surgical procedures like tummy tucks and the Miami Mermaid Lift, there are also the less common surgeries like neck and face lifts. Regardless, there is a lot of preparation that goes into having these surgeries.

I recently saw a TV show

that revolved around weight loss. On this particular episode, the woman lost over 150 pounds in just one year. Amazing! By the end of the show at her last weigh-in she was a happy, confident, stunning woman who had previously been disguised by obesity and over eating. It was a beautiful story to watch. But there was one part that especially stuck out to me.

When the lady reached 202 pounds (40% off of her initial body weight), the host took her to consult with a plastic surgeon. After careful analysis, the woman decided not to have “skin surgery” as she called it. Skin surgery has become a sort of slang term for body contouring surgeries. Like I said earlier, the specific surgery can vary based on the patient’s needs and desires.

So, why did the woman on the show opt to bypass her body contouring? Your initial reaction may be that she is crazy. Who wants to have loose, hanging skin after they have lost so much weight? Well, actually she has a good reason.

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The lady on the weight loss TV show chose to wait to have the surgery because she made a promise to herself that she was not done losing weight. During her plastic surgery consultation, the surgeon pointed out that this was a crucial factor to consider before committing to the surgery. To me, this was a powerful moment for the woman on the show. Instead of settling with the amazing weight loss she already accomplished, she decided to continue on her journey and seek plastic surgery when, and only when, she was 100% satisfied with her weight loss.

There are a few things you should consider before diving into post bariatric body contouring surgery.

  1. First off, you should consider exactly what this woman did. Ask yourself, “Am I done losing weight?” “Is this the size I plan to be for the rest of my life, or do I plan to continue my weight loss plans?”

Having body contouring surgery before you are at your desired size can result in numerous surgeries later down the road. Instead of wasting your time and money, you are better to wait until you are happy with your weight.

  1. Be committed to a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean to continue losing weight. Instead, focus on maintain your current weight through an active lifestyle. Be sure to commit a few hours every week to the gym in order to stay fit.
  2. Continue eating healthy. Just because you finally get the body you have been wanting does not mean that you can slack on your eating habits. Now that you have had body contouring surgery, it is imperative that you eat healthy and do not gain weight back.

Body contouring surgery is wonderful for those who have lost a lot of weight. Consult with your plastic surgeon to determine if you are ready to shed the outer shell, and uncover your true new size.