• 05 October 2016

Losing massive amounts of weight due to a bariatric surgery can make you feel like you are now one step closer to achieving your body goals. But the sagging skin, fats, and tissues that often accompany significant weight loss can spoil the party, making you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with your body.

An upper body lift seeks to remedy this problem by tightening and sculpting your arms, chest, and back, resulting in a flattering and attractive body contour. But before you run to your nearest Miami cosmetic surgery clinic and ask for the procedure, here are the pros and cons that your need to know first before you undergo an upper body lift.

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The Pros


Sagging skin in your upper body area can weigh you down, especially when you move and do your daily tasks. It can also be a bane while exercising, preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals. In addition, drooping skin can cause chafing and rashes that can feel extremely uncomfortable, if not painful.

With an upper body lift, you can have these excess skin, fats, and tissues removed, allowing you to move more freely and do your regular activities with ease. It is now easier to carry your body during exercise, as there is no longer anything that weighs you down.

Better appearance

The upper body lift is a body contouring procedure, which means that it can positively improve your shape – particularly your arms, chest, and back. This especially comes in handy once you have lost a significant amount of weight, as this can result in stubborn fat pockets that are seemingly resistant to diet and exercise.

If you have unsightly mounds of fat and skin in these areas, an upper body lift coupled with a brachioplasty Miami can help you achieve the appearance that you want. It will also allow you to display the muscle tone you have built without the annoying loose skin.

Improved personal hygiene

Cleaning your body can be difficult when you have sagging skin in your arms, chest, and back. Those rolls of fat and folds of excess skin might harbor unwanted bacteria because you are not able to reach and clean them properly when you bathe. This will not only lead to skin irritation but infection as well.

Removing excess tissue through an upper body lift can help you maintain personal hygiene, reducing your risk for irritation and infection. This will also help improve your comfort and boost your confidence.

Better clothing options

One of the perks of losing weight is your ability to wear clothes that did not fit you before. But if losing a dramatic amount of weight only left you with drooping skin and stubborn pockets of fat that could not be solved by diet and exercise, then you still could not wear a wide variety of clothes for fear that they will not conceal your problem areas.

Since an upper body lift tightens the skin in your arms, chest, and back, you can now show off the fruits of your weight loss journey with a set of new clothes, whether it be a beautiful sleeveless sundress or a nice pair of bikinis.

All-in-one procedure

The great thing about the upper body lift – and other types of boy lifts – is that it allows you to target multiple areas of your body with just one procedure. Undergoing an upper body lift can help save you time, money, and energy, as opposed to getting a brachioplasty Miami, breast lift, and back lift separately. You may even combine your upper body lift with other cosmetic treatments that you want, such as a facelift or a tummy tuck.

Additional weight loss

It is important to remember that before you can undergo an upper body lift, you need to first reach your ideal weight and stabilize it for at least 18 months. The upper body lift will work on the areas that remained resistant to traditional weight loss procedures, contouring and tightening your body and giving you the form that you want. Because of that, an upper body lift can provide additional weight loss, as it can eliminate extra skin, tissues, and fats.

Improved self-esteem

With the slim and toned standard of beauty that the media is propagating these days, having extra rolls and bulges in your body can make you appear self-conscious about your appearance. It is not easy to be comfortable in your own skin if you know that there is something else that you can do to improve how you look.

Thanks to the upper body lift, you can now get rid of the unsightly drooping skin that prevents you from looking and feeling confident about your body. It can boost your self-esteem to new heights and make you feel better overall.

The Cons

Extensive scarring

Because the upper body lift is a fairly comprehensive procedure, it will give you fairly large scars on different parts of your upper body. However, your surgeon will work hard to place your incisions in such a way that the scars will be hidden by underwear or clothing. Furthermore, these scars are permanent, although their appearance will diminish over time.

You should discuss the upper body lift with your plastic surgeon before the surgery so that he can brief you on what kind of scars you should expect.

Lengthy recovery

Recovery from a procedure as broad as an upper body lift is no joke. This is a demanding plastic surgery, so you should be physically and mentally ready to handle this procedure. It may take weeks before you can return back to work, and months before you can resume your usual level of activity. If you do not have the stamina to breeze through the recovery period, then an upper body lift may not be right for you.

Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions during the postoperative period so that you will heal properly and achieve the best results.

Possible risks and complications

Like any other plastic surgery, the upper body lift carries some risks. These include excessive bleeding, fat and skin necrosis, deep vein thrombosis, infection, fluid accumulation, and improper suture healing. Fortunately, you can minimize your risk of incurring these complications by working with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon and following all his preoperative and postoperative instructions.

With the pros and cons of the upper body lift laid out for you, you can now make a guided decision whether this procedure will fit your needs or not. If you still need more help, Schedule a Free Consultation with one Face + Body’s board-certified cosmetic surgeons, and we will do our best to address your concerns.