• 11 October 2016

Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery can help you uncover your true, svelte new shape using a procedure called Brachioplasty Miami.

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, either with the help of bariatric surgery or simply through lifestyle change, you may feel like a thin person inside a body that doesn’t quite fit right. You may have sagging skin, loss of contour and even some pockets of fat left over.

It could even be that your extra skin is more difficult to manage now than it was before your weight loss making it hard to enjoy the body you worked so hard to make more healthy.

An upper body lift will re-contour your body by removing the excessive skin and fat left behind after your weight loss. The upper body lift can target cellulite as well. All your saggy skin and remaining pockets of fat around your arms, breasts, chest, and middle back can be recontoured and tightened.

What is an upper body lift procedure - brachioplasty?

The upper body lift is a group of procedures aimed at lifting, tightening and reshaping the arms, chest, and upper back.

There are three main steps involved:

  1. Reduce the arm and chest laxity

  2. Reshape the breasts

  3. Remove excess tissue from the chest, back and arms

The upper body lift surgeries are most often done in one of two ways:

  1. Lift the breasts and removes excess tissue in the arms

  2. Lift the breasts, but instead of removing excess tissue from the arms, remove excess tissue that creates upper back rolls.

What is involved in the upper body lift?

During the brachioplasty - upper body lift surgery, the skin is lifted from underlying tissues. The surgeon removes and stretches it tight and trims away the excess. He or she then stitches the remaining skin closed in its new position.

In women, an upper body lift is often combined with breast implants in order to further enhance your new shape. In men, the focus is more on addressing gynecomastia (male breasts).

After an upper body lift procedure, surgical drains will remain in place for several days to weeks to evacuate excess liquids from the body, and you will need to wear compression garments for weeks to facilitate a faster healing.

This is an extensive procedure that we always perform in the hospital. Depending on the patient, however, an overnight stay is not always necessary. Other procedures can often be combined with an upper body lift, the most popular being the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. This option depends on your individual health status.

Are you a good candidate for brachioplasty - upper body lift?

Age, childbearing or extreme weight loss can leave you with loose and sagging skin. You are a great candidate for an upper body lift if you have maintained a stable weight for at least six to twelve months, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before an Upper Body Lift.
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How soon can I have an upper body lift after weight loss?

If you have worked hard to lose a massive amount of weight, you may be a good candidate for an upper body lift. You must wait one full year after gastric bypass surgery so you have time to lose the weight and enjoy your healthy lifestyle for awhile first.

Pregnancy and Brachioplasty

We recommend that you wait until you are done having children before having this procedure so that you don’t just stretch your new body out again during pregnancy.


Your insurance company may cover the upper body lift if it is medically necessary. We will be glad to work with you and your insurance company in order to obtain proper authorization and documentation.

If your insurance will not cover the procedure, in some cases we can combine other procedures to help defray the costs. These include procedures such as hernia repair or gynecological procedures.