• 10 July 2014
Botched Buttocks

Botch. It is a strong word meaning “to completely mess up” or according to dictionary.com “to spoil by poor work”. It is a word I hope to never use when describing or discussing plastic surgery. However, botched plastic surgeries do happen.

E! Entertainment Television recently

released a new television series with the name Botched. It is a show that depicts people who had extremely terrible results from their plastic surgery experience. On the television show, the patients are able to tell their story, the effects it had on their life, and then the surgeons featured on the show reverse the errors. The series is still getting started, but the most recent episode featured a woman who had botched butt implants.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Brazilian Butt Lift.
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Butt enhancement procedures, or butt augmentations, can be done a couple different ways including fat transfers, implants, or both when it is necessary. Butt augmentations should be done for people who want a rounder and fuller buttock. This surgery can also improve your overall body figure and create a sense of balance. But we all know that these kind of physical deficiencies are much more than skin deep. Butt augmentations can be a huge contributor to boosting one’s self esteem and improving confidence.

Renee Talley, internet celebrity, told her story on E!’s new series Botched. Talley was to the point where she could no longer look herself in the mirror because she was so self-conscious and embarrassed by her backside. She was no longer confident and happy with her body and it was beginning to affect her emotionally and psychologically.

Talley’s first buttock procedure was done with silicone injections back in 2010. The results left Talley with severe health problems as the silicone spread up her back and down her legs. The risks were life threatening, but knowing the deformities that would remain, Talley decided to have silicone implants placed in hopes to fill the empty, sagging space at the top of her buttocks. This posed even bigger problems.

Talley realized that after the second augmentation, she was able to visibly turn her butt implants under her skin. She could literally flip them back and forth. After publicizing the botched plastic surgery on YouTube, Talley had them removed and she was left with an awful butt that demolished her self-esteem. This is when the TV series Botched stepped in to save the day and reserve the terrible botched procedures Talley had before.

With the appropriate help, knowledge, and guidance, Talley will walk around confidently with the buttocks she always wanted.

Butt Augmentations

When silicone implants are used to plump up one’s backside, it is a surgical procedure with incisions. This option tends to give the bottom a protruding and rounder appearance. The other option I mentioned was fat transfers. When fat transfers are used, it usually goes by the name Brazilian butt lift. This alternative is becoming very popular as the trend of Brazilian bikinis continues to rise. Miami, Florida offers some of the best Brazilian butt lifts as it is home to this growing fashion trend. So the next time you step out on the sandy beaches of South Florida, be confident in your buttocks.