• 08 January 2014

Thousands of women in Miami choose to have a breast augmentation each year, with many choosing to do so to enjoy an improved appearance. While a better appearance is often one of the benefits that come with choosing this type of plastic surgery, the benefits go far beyond your appearance.

In fact, some of the benefits women report after this surgery may surprise you.

Aesthetic Improvement

Of course, before looking at some of the other benefits of a breast augmentation in Miami, it is important to note that aesthetic improvement is a benefit you will enjoy after undergoing this surgery. An augmentation may help increase breast size for a fully bust, it may involve increasing size and firmness for a more youthful look, or it may simply improve symmetry, which also offers an improved appearance. For women who have breasts that are not symmetrical or uneven nipples, surgery can alter breasts to ensure they look symmetrical. Aging women or women who have breastfed, often deal with saggy or dropping breasts and this surgery may provide extra lift and restoration of breast volume.

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Soaring Confidence Levels

After a breast augmentation, most women report improved confidence levels. So many women deal with feelings of low self esteem or inadequacy when they are unhappy with their breasts. After surgery, with improved appearance, women also begin enjoying better self confidence, since they feel more attractive. Looking and feeling attractive is important to any woman, so being happy with your breasts and the way they look can improve your overall confidence levels.

Improved Sex Life

Studies show that women often enjoy a better sex life after having a breast augmentation performed. When women lack confidence in the way they look, it inevitably has an impact on her sex life. As women become more satisfied with their bodies, it generally leads to an improved, more satisfying sex life as well. More than two thirds of women who have been studied note that their satisfaction with their sex life drastically improved after having a breast augmentation.

Although there are risks to any surgical procedure, most women who have a breast augmentation surgery in Miami report that they are very satisfied with the results. In fact, most say that the results were worth going through the procedure. There is a reason that over 300,000 women choose this surgery each year.

Whether you want larger breasts, fuller breasts or breasts that are more symmetrical, a breast augmentation may be an excellent option for your needs. Of course, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss the options that are available to you. A qualified plastic surgeon can help you decide if this procedure will be beneficial to you, offering you important information on the surgery and other important options to consider before making your final decision. Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery has a couple of locations in South Florida, with one specifically in the Miami area to serve you.

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