• 05 March 2014
Functional Reasons to Have a Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a very common surgical procedure for those who want to increase breast size. Sure, many people elect to have this surgery performed just because of personal desire to have larger breasts. However, it is possibly just as common to have a breast augmentation done for medical purposes.

Breast cancer may be the most known condition that can create changes to the breasts. Unfortunately, breast cancer often times results in the removal of one or both breasts. This situation can be extremely difficult for women on a number of fronts; it can affect their sexual life, their self confidence and can lead to depression. Therefore, this is a common reason for women to have a functional breast augmentation done. In addition, many women opt to have their breasts removed due to the risk of developing breast cancer in the future because of genetic deposition or simply fear.  If this is the case, it is common to have a breast augmentation after the removal is completed. By doing so, the individual cannot develop breast cancer later in life.

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Sometimes, due to congenital circumstances or diseases, a woman may never fully develop one or both breasts, even after adulthood has been reached. In this situation, a functional breast augmentation may take place. It is important, in this situation, to consult a physician in order to determine that, in fact, puberty is over and there is no more chance for breast growth.

After significant weight loss, breasts can begin to sag and start to develop a very loose appearance. It is very common that after significant weight loss, a breast augmentation is required to obtain desired breast shape and size.

Poland’s Syndrome is a disease in which individuals are born with abnormal muscular structures. This congenital disease could include absent muscular structures or simply abnormally formed muscles. If the muscles of the chest are affect, which is common, then often times, misshaped breasts result. When this occurs, individuals typically require a breast augmentation to have better shaped and sized breasts.

Usually, women have one breast that is slightly larger than the other. This is normal and expected in almost everyone. However, sometimes differing breast size becomes rather drastic and may result in the need to have a breast augmentation. It may seem that surgery would only be required on the smaller breast, but actually, it is recommended to have both breasts addressed. The reasoning behind this recommendation is based on the fact that if only one breast receives an implant, then the other breast will begin the aging process sooner and will become saggy before the other. This will result in addition surgeries that could have been managed within the first surgical procedure.

A gender change is another functional purpose to have a breast augmentation. This surgery is done on men to create breasts with the desired size and shape.

Functional breast augmentations are often performed due to an underlying disease or condition that has forced the individual to have their breasts removed or simply to address a genetic anomaly. In many, if not most cases, these procedures are covered by insurance.

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