• 21 August 2013
Selecting the Right Size for Your Breast Implant

Selecting the right breast implant size can be the difference between liking, loving or having second thoughts about your breast augmentation procedure.

Here are some key considerations as you prepare for your breast augmentation surgery:

1. Keep proportion and body frame in mind when selecting implants

size: Consider your natural body frame. Plastic surgeons talk a lot about aesthetic balance and proportion. These are the keys to aesthetic appeal. Petite, short, or narrow-framed women are more likely to have their natural full C or D cup sizes fall within the lower range of implant sizes. Women with larger frames and taller stature will usually require larger implants to fill out their shape (450 cc or greater).

 2. Try on implants before you make your selection: Throw out any pre-conceived notions about the numbers on the labels and test out the implant samples you get at your cosmetic surgery clinic in a variety of scenarios. How will they affect the way you dress and your lifestyle? Try them on in a bathing suit, a regular everyday outfit, and anything else you wear regularly (think gym, yoga, etc). Will the implant that you like the look of impact your everyday activities? Perspectives from a trusted friend or family member can also be useful. They see you more objectively than you see yourself.

3. Be clear about your expectations: Communication is key to a successful procedure. Articulate to yourself and then to your surgeon what your target outcome is. Do you want to look natural or are you okay with the appearance of obvious surgical enhancement? Be clear about your expectations.

 4. Have faith in your cosmetic surgeon: Your surgeon has experience and insight into what will work for you and help you achieve your goals. You will have the best result if you trust him or her to make the final decision on size for you within the operating room (within an agreed upon range).

As with all plastic surgery procedures, clear communication and articulation of expectations will leave you with the most satisfying results. Remember that what works for your friends may not be what works for you; your body is your surgeon’s canvas, and each and every one of us is a unique canvas.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Breast Augmentation.
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