• 24 September 2013
Breast Implant Trend: Upgrading from Saline to Silicone in Miami, FL

After 1990 and before 2006, women had only one choice when it came to breast implants –  saline. Since then, the FDA approved a safe silicone implant that has some women in Miami making a change to their existing implants or opting for silicone gel implants in the first place.

The concerns about the pre-1990

silicone implants were the safety of the implant and the possibility of silicone leaking into the body. The new silicone implants have the consistency of a jelly bean. They are much less likely to rupture and were designed to be self-contained so that they will not leak. The cost of the upgrade is much less than a full breast implant procedure. However, when starting from scratch, silicone gel implants are approximately 25% more expensive than saline.

The transition to silicone breast implants after having saline is any easy procedure since the pocket for the implant already exists. In most cases, the operation takes less than an hour, can be performed under local anesthetic, and the patient can return to work the very next day.

While some women are pleased with their saline breast implants, others note a “rippled” appearance and may be dissatisfied with what many have called a “water balloon” feel. The silicone implant gives these less-than-satisfied women an option to keep their implants but improve the result. Most plastic surgeons will describe the new silicone breast implants as being more realistic, and feeling more like natural breast tissue.

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Despite the minimal downtime, many women who have saline breast implants may be wondering whether the difference is worth the additional surgical risk and price. Those getting implants for the first time may be wondering if they should opt for this more expensive choice. Plastic surgeons report that silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue than saline implants do. This is especially true for women with relatively little natural breast tissue where silicone gel breast implants can give a more natural looking breast enhancement.

Thus, if you have saline implants that you are dissatisfied with, it may be worth a consultation with your plastic surgeon to determine if an upgrade procedure is the right option in your situation. If you are getting breast implants for the first time, carefully consider your investment and discuss the two options with your plastic surgeon. Like with all procedures, make sure to select a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in silicone gel breast implants. In Miami, FL, contact the team at Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery.


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