• 13 August 2014

Although breast augmentations continue to be among the most popular plastic surgeries within the United States, is this trend starting to take a turn? We have started to notice an upward trend in breast implant removal. At first, it may seem a little bit crazy that one would spend so much money just to later have it reversed. So let’s take

a closer look and discover why people are taking part in this movement.

Celebrities like Sharon Osborne and Victoria Beckham have gone public in their discussion to have their breast implants removed. But is it all based on what celebrities do? Is it just people in the media beginning to reverse their breast augmentations?

Age isn’t a factor.

While the older generation may have their implants removed because they start to experience sagging and droopy breasts, the younger generation is also taking part. Woman in their 20’s and 30’s are doing so if they claim that they never really felt “connected” with their boob jobs.

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But their reasons can vary.

Woman who have them “explanted” shortly after they have them implanted are usually among the younger generation. Those who explant after a longer period of time tend to be in their 50’s or 60’s and usually experience some sort of complication that encourages removal. The complications consist of a rupture with related pain, swelling, asymmetry, or abnormal looking breasts.

If one simply “doesn’t want them anymore” then usually, nonsurgical methods are attempted first. Nonsurgical method may include size minimizing bras, or lose weight. When these methods fail, they tend to shift to explanting their implants.

They may have associated pain.

Sometimes, breast implants can cause an increase in back and shoulder pain. This is the main reason that women choose to have breast reductions and also a reason woman may have their implants removed.

Along the same lines, exercise and physical activity become a little more difficult when you gain a cup size or two. Women who start to find their usual exercise to be a struggle may want to reverse their breast augmentation. Large breasts can affect one’s range of motion along with getting in the way of stretching. Remember! Implants don’t deflate upon request!

Large boobs just seem to be trending down.

We all remember Pamela Anderson and her iconic breasts. Women in the 90’s seemed to follow her lead in getting oversized breasts. However, since the 90’s, large breasts seem to be on the down slope. Now more than ever, models are flaunting flatter chests. Clothes tend to fit better for those who have a B or C cup as well.

Women will always be women.

And women like to choose. Whether it is switching your handbag every day, or changing you lip and eye color based on your outfit, women like to choose. And the same idea can go for breast size. With today’s advancement in bra quality, women can practically name their size, and wear it. But this only work when you are trying to size-up. Just one more reason why woman are choosing to reverse their breast implants.

All in all, I’d say celebrities and social media do have a big say in the trend of breast implant removal, but there are definitely other contributing factors. As always, what goes around comes around, so look out for the oversized breasts in the future.

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