• 03 May 2016

One of the top concerns of women who undergo breast augmentation is the size of their breasts. After all, their unsatisfaction with their breast size is what usually prompts them to have the procedure in the first place. At first, it might seem like you have a mental image of the breasts that you want to achieve.

You might want a rack as perky as Kate Upton’s or as bouncy as Scarlett Johansson’s. But once you are in the clinic, you might easily find this to be a very difficult decision. Your surgeon will measure your chest size and breast size, as well as your height and weight. These measurements will be used to recommend the right implant to fit your existing proportions. However, you will still be given the opportunity to try on samples of various implants available to you. It is not uncommon to spend a lot of time changing your decision, especially since breast implant sizes do not correspond to traditional bra cup sizes. You can easily get overwhelmed by all the options presented to you. That is why it is important to learn as much as you can about choosing breast implant sizes before you go to your cosmetic surgeon. In this article, we will explore the various factors to consider when choosing your breast implant size, as well as the proper way to try and select your implants.

Factors in selecting breast augmentation size

Breast implant size is measured by volume in cubic centimeters (cc), not on cup size like traditional bra sizes. The larger the implant, the greater the volume and the projection from the chest wall. With this in mind, here are the factors to consider in choosing a breast implant size.

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Current breast size

Your present breast size matters because this will determine if you have enough breast tissue to cover the implants. If you do not have enough breast tissue, some implants may just be too big to fit. The implant edges might even become visible after surgery. So even if you want a rack as big as that of Pamela Anderson’s, this would not be possible if your breasts are too small to begin with. Proportion and symmetry are equally important, as some women choose to undergo breast augmentation to help them have the same boob size on both sides. You have the option to use different sized implants on each side.

Body shape and size

Your body shape and size will define what type of breasts will suit you. If you have a strong build, you can easily carry large-sized and heavier breasts. If you have a slim and lean build, you may have a harder time with large breast implants because their heaviness can cause you back pain. Hence, you have to choose an implant that is appropriate for your body type. It is also important to remember that the same breast implant size may look too small for a woman with a bigger build or too big for a woman with a lean frame. Implants come in different base widths so you can choose a size that works well with your frame.

Desired look

You basically have two choices when it comes to your desired look. Do you want to look like you have naturally big boobs, or do you want them to look fake? Many would assume that all women want natural breast augmentation, but in reality, more and more women are opting for the fake look because they are rounder, bigger, and more noticeable. The profile of your breast implants should also be considered since this refers to the distance an implant will project forward from your chest wall. How much would you like your breasts to do stand out? A low profile implant is flatter and more low-key while a high profile implant will protrude forward and create more prominent breasts.


Lifestyle is an often overlooked consideration, but it is absolutely important in choosing breast augmentation sizes. For instance, if you are a fitness buff and running and other cardiovascular exercises are part of your lifestyle, your implants should not be too big to allow you to exercise comfortably. Going too large might set you up for back pain and sagging breasts in a few years, not to mention a higher risk for complications. If you love wearing sexy tops that show off your cleavage, then large-sized implants might be better suited to your purpose. If you have a job that involves a lot of lifting and carrying, large breasts might interfere with them. Keep your physical activities in mind when choosing an implant size.

Trying breast implants for size

Perhaps the most important pre-surgery appointment that you will have with your cosmetic surgeon is your implant sizing session. You will be given a special bra that fits various implant sizes, shapes, and profiles to help you see how each one changes your silhouette. While trying on the different implant sizes, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your sizing appointment: Look at breast augmentation before and after photos. To give you a rough guide of your personal breast augmentation goals, it is a good idea to bring some breast augmentation photos that you want your surgeon to follow. You will also be given the chance to look at breast augmentation before and after photos of previous patients in our clinic so as to give you a better idea of the breast size and shape that is right for you. Bring a fitted and low-cut top. To help you better envision how your breasts will look under clothing, you should wear a low-cut tee while trying on the different implant sizes. A light-colored top will also showcase your curves, hence helping you find the most natural breast augmentation implants for your body. Try on different sizes. You cannot just rely on breast augmentation photos to give you the best implant size. Even if you think the implants are too big or too small for your frame, it is still best to try them all on so that you have an idea how you do not want to look. Find the size that best suits your body, and then choose a slightly larger size since all implants tend to look smaller once they have been placed under the breast tissue. Ask your friends. A good friend who knows you well will keep you in check if you start getting carried away with your implant size choices. It will also help to consult a friend who previously had breast augmentation, although you also need to bear in mind that every woman’s anatomy is different. What looked good on her might not necessarily work for you. Selecting the best breast implant size is one of the most important things that you need to do before your breast augmentation surgery. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask us about it. Schedule a free consultation with our licensed and board certified breast augmentation surgeons in Miami to help you find the perfect look that fits you.





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