• 13 October 2016

Many women seeking to undergo a breast lift often have varying reasons why they want to do so. Some want to make their breasts look a lot firmer, while others just want to feel more comfortable in their daily tasks.

But whatever your reason is, a breast lift would give you more than what you asked for. In fact, here are 10 of the benefits that you will get when you decide to undergo a breast lift or mastopexy.

A breast lift can correct drooping breasts.

Because of extensive weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, your breasts may lose some volume and skin elasticity, resulting in drooping breasts. Such sagging breasts may appear unpleasant, especially if you are fond of wearing low-cut or bikini tops. To compensate, you always have to wear a bra with full support, but there are instances when this is not an option.

A breast lift can improve the appearance of drooping breasts by removing excess skin and lifting the inner breast tissue even without the help of a full support bra. Furthermore, this treatment can also improve the shape and symmetry of your breasts.

A breast lift can improve the areola’s appearance.

Even your areola – the small circular pigmented ring surrounding the nipple – will benefit from a breast lift. Women who have severely sagging breasts have nipples that are pointing downwards and areolas that look stretched and unnaturally large.

With a breast lift, your cosmetic surgeon can remove excess tissue from the areolas, resulting in an even shape. He will also reposition the nipples and areola to a higher location, making your breasts perkier and a lot more youthful.

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A breast lift can lessen skin irritation.

When breasts start losing their skin elasticity, they can droop and rub up against the skin of your torso and underarms, causing painful chafing when you move. If left unattended, it can even cause rashes and subsequent skin infection.

Getting a breast lift can prevent these problems from happening. Many women who once struggled with skin irritation found relief after undergoing a breast lift surgery. It also allowed them to practice better hygiene since they can already clean those hard-to-reach skin folds that could potentially become breeding grounds for bacteria.

A breast lift removes limitations on physical activity.

Some women with huge but flaccid breasts have difficulty doing physical activities, such as running, exercising, and weightlifting. They can even get in the way of daily household chores since they add extra weight to their bodies.

With a breast lift, you can get rid of the sagginess of your breasts, hence allowing you to move more freely and participate in activities that you have not been able to enjoy for years. The simple act of jumping or running would feel so much better now that you underwent a breast lift.

A breast lift can improve your physical health.

Most people think that a breast lift is only a cosmetic procedure. But this notion cannot be further from the truth as mastopexy can also be used to improve your physical health and well-being.

For one, a breast lift can help prevent skin infections resulting from skin chafing and ineffective personal hygiene. There are even cases when a breast lift can help relieve back and neck tension caused by sagging of large breasts.

A breast lift can increase your clothing options.

Those who have drooping breasts often find it hard to wear clothes that look flattering on them. They often find shopping for clothes to be frustrating and discouraging. As a result, they tend to wear items that hide their bodies, such as loose clothes or oversized shirts.

Because a breast lift results in a firmer and shapelier chest area, you will no longer have a hard time looking for clothes that flatter your figure. You can change up your wardrobe to include new styles and cuts that you could not have otherwise worn before. Even your bra will fit better and no longer cause straps to cut painfully through your shoulders.

A breast lift can result in a youthful appearance.

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to sagging breasts is aging. As you age, the skin around your boobs start to stretch. You also lose volume in your breasts, creating a droopy look on your chest area. Things get even worse when you lose weight or breastfeed since these can further pull down your breasts and make your figure appear older and more spent.

A breast lift can tighten the skin and muscles of your breasts, resulting in a perkier and more youthful appearance. A lot of women who have undergone this surgery reported looking and feeling years younger because of their improved figure.

A breast lift can reverse the effects of pregnancy.

Your breasts undergo several changes throughout your pregnancy, often increasing in size until after breastfeeding. However, some women find that their breasts never return to their original shape even after they have stopped breastfeeding, resulting in drooping boobs.

If you want to restore your pre-pregnancy figure, a breast lift can do that for you. Cosmetic surgeons often advise women who want to undergo a breast lift to make sure that they are already done having children since pregnancy can alter the results of the procedure.

A breast lift can improve body proportions.

Since a breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation for more dramatic results, you can expect your treatment to improve your figure. You can make your breasts more proportional to the size of your buttocks so that you achieve an hourglass figure. Furthermore, a breast lift can create more cleavage and more projection for your breasts, hence making them appear perkier.

A breast lift can enhance your self-esteem.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a breast lift is the confidence boost that it is bound to give you. Though a breast lift in itself cannot increase your breast size, it can make your breasts appear more attractive because they are now higher and firmer. You will feel sexier and more confident in your romantic relationships. You will also feel more comfortable flaunting your body in tight-fitting and revealing clothes. Needless to say, a breast lift can improve your overall quality of life.

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