• 31 May 2016

Having a huge pair of perky breasts might seem like the ultimate dream for most women. But if you have been living your whole life with big boobs, you know better.

Sporting a huge pair of boobs is not all rainbows and butterflies. True, it can be really confidence-boosting, which is why breast augmentation surgeries remain to be the most requested among all cosmetic surgeries. However, having big boobs also comes with its own set of disadvantages.

The following are 10 reasons why having big boobs can also be a pain in the back—literally and figuratively:

yoga wallpaper hd1. Big boobs get a lot of attention.

A lot of women bask in the glory of the spotlight, but having the attention all channeled towards you because of your glorious boobs can be tiring. There are times when you just want to lie low and not be noticed, but unfortunately, having big breasts is like wearing a natural, effortless, and attention-grabbing accessory in your body.

Unless you opt to wear loose clothes that completely obliterate your figure, you will always find yourself being followed by longing gazes, catcalls, and compliments—whether you like it or not.

2. It can be awkward in certain situations.

How awkward is it to ride a packed subway train and have your boobs accidentally graze one of your unsuspecting co-passengers? If you have big breasts, then you certainly are no stranger to such a problem. These instances can be downright embarrassing.

Your big boobs can also limit your personal space, as well as the activities that you can do and take part in. Want to go to that rave party? No, thanks—you have no plans to get squeezed by the jam-packed crowd.

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3. It is hard to find clothes when you have big boobs.

Your big boobs totally look amazing in a variety of clothes, especially tight-fitting dresses and low-cut tops. However, having oversized breasts can also severely limit your clothing options.

For instance, skimpy summer clothes can enhance your curves, but if you have big breasts, they will only look sleazy on you. Swimsuits that display your assets are all well and good, but choosing one that will actually allow you to swim without fearing a nip slip could be a nightmare.

4. Finding a bra can be an ordeal.

When you have big boobs, bras are your best friends. They provide your breasts with much-needed support against the unrelenting force of gravity. That being said, you can pretty much never go anywhere without a bra. However, finding a bra that will fit your overly large boobs can be a problem.

You need to wear a bra that will fully support your breasts and will not make you hunch over while you carry out your daily tasks. While there are boutiques that cater to large-sized boobs, you might still find yourself going frequently to expensive specialty stores when nothing fits you.

5. Big boobs hinder you from doing normal exercises.

Even though you really want to get in shape, doing seemingly innocent exercises like running, jogging, and jumping can be an ordeal for you if you have big breasts. Not only do they obnoxiously attract attention at the gym or anywhere you may be, but they also make you look comedic. Worst of all, the bouncing movement can cause a great deal of pain.

Of course, wearing a proper sports bra can help manage these problems. But we all know how hard it is to find a proper-fitting bra, let alone a sports bra.

6. Your breasts tend to sag when you have big boobs.

Big breasts are heavy—no doubt about it. And when they are so heavy, they tend to sag, no thanks to gravity that pulls your boobs downwards. However, sagging boobs may also be caused by breastfeeding and aging.

Whatever the reason is, droopy breasts are not attractive. In fact, they may even drag down your confidence because they certainly do not look great in many different types of clothing.

7. Big boobs cause back pain and bad posture.

Perhaps the most popular reason why women with large boobs opt to undergo breast reduction surgery is back pain. It may not be obvious, but huge breasts pack a lot of extra pounds, hence pulling your shoulder joints and back muscles forward and causing you to stoop. And bad posture suggests a shy, reserved, and less-than-confident woman. It certainly does not make you attractive.

The worse thing is that back pain and bad posture may progress to something else. It can pull on spinal structures and cause nerve compression on your spinal column, hence causing more pain. Not worth the price to pay for having attractive boobs, right?

8. Big boobs also cause pain in other parts of the body.

Your back is not the only part of your body that could get painful if you have big breasts. You can also experience pain in your shoulders and neck. Many large-breasted women also experience severe migraines because of the cervical spine stress and neck muscle tension that large cup sizes bring about. These body pains can interfere with your daily tasks and might even score you a trip to the ER to find a remedy.

9. It can be embarrassing if your boobs are big but asymmetrical.

This is not always the case, but there are times when big boobs are coupled with asymmetrical breast sizes. In reality, having two different breast sizes is normal. However, there are times when they are dramatically different from each other that they already create an abnormal and pretty embarrassing appearance.

If this is the case for you, then you need to undergo breast reduction to remove some of the tissue in the larger breast and create a more symmetrical chest silhouette.

10. Big boobs can have a huge effect on your self-esteem.

It might seem surprising to you, but women with gifted breasts also think of it as a curse. It is an insecurity for them, especially if they cause unwanted problems like back pain, bad posture, and activity limitations. They tend to be self-conscious when people look at them differently because of their large breasts.

If you need a boost to your self-esteem, then you need to consider breast reduction surgery. Research shows that women who underwent breast reduction generally live a happier and more normal life prior to surgery. They are able to sit up straighter and stand taller following a breast reduction.

Curious about breast reduction surgery and what it can do for you? Talk to our experienced board certified cosmetic surgeons here at Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about it.