• 01 May 2013

You have been suffering with back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain for years. Your bra straps dig in to your shoulders, and you need to shop for bras in expensive specialty boutiques to find anything that fits properly. When you are active, you often double up on sports bras to maintain some support and minimize


What Does He Think about Your Breast Reduction

And then there is the vanity and self-esteem side of things. Physical activity can be embarrassing as you struggle to hide your bosom -and it really can be called a bosom at this size. When you wear any remotely fitted outfit, you appear to be dressed provocatively because of the contour of your breasts in the clothing. And men…men have a hard time finding your eyes when they talk to you.

You are fed up with all of these issues. So, you have made the decision. You are going to have a breast reduction. Or maybe you just had one. But what does the man in your life (or that cute guy at the coffee shop who just might become your man) think about it?

But first, does it really matter what he thinks? Of course not! You are doing this for you.

But still, if you are anything like me, you’re curious; what does he think?

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Breast Reduction.
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An informal scouring of internet question and answer boards and articles and an informal, unscientific poll of male friends and contacts provided the following result:

1) Men do not think your breasts are too large or saggy. They understand gravity and know that large breasts should not stand at attention; however,

2) Men do not want you to feel pain. If you are uncomfortable (physically or emotionally) or in pain because of your breasts, men say “go for it!”. They want you to have the procedure and feel great about yourself; and,

3) Men do not care about scars.

What does the man in your life think about your breast reduction? Have you asked him? And if so, do you believe he has told you the truth or just what you want to hear?