• 30 May 2013

breast reduction specialistIn the past, I have written generally about questions you might ask a plastic surgeon at a consultation appointment. Now, let’s get specific. Below is a list of questions I might ask a potential plastic surgeon about a breast reduction procedure. Some of the questions may or may not apply, depending on my stage in life or lifestyle, but I have included

them nonetheless.

Take this list with you to your appointment or simply pick and choose the questions that you want to add to an existing list. But remember – ASK questions. No question is silly except the one you are afraid to ask.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Breast Reduction.
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1) How many breast reductions do you do in a week? How many have you done over your career?

2) Do you consider me a good candidate for a breast reduction? What makes someone a good candidate? What makes someone a poor candidate?

3) What is the recovery like?

4) Will my breasts be perky after – will I still need a bra?

5) Where do you perform the surgery?

6) Will insurance cover my procedure?

7) Will my breasts get big again if I gain weight? Will the opposite be true if I lost weight?

8) Can I still nurse a baby after the procedure?

9) Is it harder to detect breast cancer?

10) What kinds of things can go wrong? What are the risks? Can I minimize these risks ( for example risk of infection)?

11) Will I still have sensation in my breasts after the procedure?

12) What if the procedure does not meet my reasonable expectations (for example, what if one breast ends up slightly larger than the other or one is slightly higher than the other)?

13) Is there anything I need to do, or can do, to prepare?