• 05 August 2014
Thinking Beyond Breast Implants: Implants for the Face

Implants are a form of plastic surgery that is used to add volume to various areas of the body. We have previously discussed specific procedures that use implants like breast and buttocks. These implants help provide proportion to the entire body and this in turn creates a remarkable amount of confidence in patients.

Less commonly discussed

in the media, but equally effective and life-altering are implants is the face. This article will focus on a variety of facial implants that can provide long lasting results.

Facial implants are carefully formed and customized to specifically fit your face and provide you with your exact facial goals. The size of the implants depends directly on these factors. In consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and keeping your goals in mind, you can develop a realistic plan for a facial implants procedure.

Generally, facial implant surgeries are not done on youth until facial features have reached full maturity. This usually happens in the later adolescent years. Otherwise, if you are in overall good health and do not smoke, you may be a good candidate to consider having facial implants.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Facelift procedure.
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Implants can literally be placed anywhere in the body, but there are a few places that are a little more common.

Chin Implants

We had discussed chin implants previously when we talked about how to get rid of a dreaded double chin. In the situation where you have normal weight but still notice the presence of a double chin, chin implants may do the trick. Augmenting the chin can add surface area and stretch out the skin that hangs below and creates that double chin.

Your chin should be in proportion with your forehead and your mid-face. If your chin seems to be sunk inward, a chin augmentation could help create proportion. If you feel that your chin seems to blend in with your neck, and it doesn’t provide its own distinct figure, your plastic surgeon may recommend a chin augmentation.

Jaw Implants

Jaw implants have the ability to expand the lower third of the facial structure. This is most frequently recommended to those who have a weak jaw line. A weak jaw line may appear as a slope from your ears to your chin instead of a sharp, loud angle. It is common that jaw implants are used in conjunction with a chin implant. Usually, the combination of these two surgeries adds significant proportion to the face.

Cheek Implants

Your cheeks tend to hold a great deal of expression. From smiling to crying, your cheeks have a lot of muscular structure that can display your emotions easily. With cheek implants you can add volume to this area and awaken your face. People who have sunken cheeks tend to look tired and worn down. Cheek implants can help portray a lively, youthful appearance.

The recovery from facial implants is similar to any other facial plastic surgery. You can expect to have swelling and soreness for a few days following your procedure. With the appropriate medications and pain management you will find yourself recovering quickly and getting back to your normal life within a couple weeks.