• 14 August 2014
Getting Rid of An Angry Resting Face

Some people have perfectly sweet, calm, and pleasant resting faces. Some have faces that look indifferent. Others, however, are not quite as fortunate. Some people simply look angry all the time whether they really are or not. These expressions are held in our facial structures such as our eyes, foreheads, and the shape of our


Do you have an angry resting face? Well, if you do, there are a few plastic surgery procedures that can transform your resting expression from irked to open, calm and welcoming. Let’s discuss your transformation:

First and foremost, begin the transformation process by practicing good skincare habits. Regardless of what procedures you have done, the results are limited if you are not taking extra good care of your skin. So, before you begin to book any of the following procedures, establish a healthy routine that pampers your skin. A few things you will need to include in your care are:

  • hydration,
  • cleansing
  • sun protection
  • protection from other environmental concerns like the wind, cold and pollution.

After your skin is in good condition, you are read to book a consultation with your plastic surgeon to discuss the options. Here are a few ideas to turn your frown upside down:


Botox is a simple, but powerful product that can truly give you a younger, fresher, and friendlier appearance. A lot of times, having deep wrinkles or creases in your forehead or between your eyes can make it seem like you are scowling. Botox can quickly take care of these lines for you and relieve some of the stress that appears in the eyebrow area. Which brings me to the next suggested procedure…

Brow Lift

Your eyes are the most influential feature when it comes to the mood you portray. It has been said that your eyes are the windows to your soul, so you certainly want them to be inviting! Your brows can naturally carry a lot of your forehead’s weight and leave your eyes looking droopy and angry . Soften and awaken your appearance with a brow lift.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Facelift procedure.
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Dermal Fillers

A frown instead of a smile is perhaps one of the most obvious signs of fatigue and discontent. If you tend to have a resting frown, dermal fillers can help you. Fillers that are applied around the mouth area can lift up the corner of your lips to reverse a heavy frown. Fillers will also help get rid of the creases that tend to form around the mouth with each passing year. Both applications lead to a happier and less angry facial appearance.

Cheek Implants

Facial implants of any sort can without a doubt help improve your resting facial expression depending on what you need. Cheek implants are especially useful to give a whole new life to an unhappy looking face. The addition of cheek implants can lift the corners of your mouth to create a slight smile. They can also dampen the intensity of sunken cheeks. Any time that you choose to improve your facial contour you will come out with a fabulous, happier, and younger looking appearance.