• 09 April 2016

A facelift or Rhytidectomy is a surgeon’s way of turning the clock back for you… Imagine! There is a surgery that puts you back on the track, reduces the visible signs of aging on your face and lets you enjoy the youthful look you once had.

It’s on the list of top the three most desired facial plastic procedures being carried out in the United States for a reason. The tell tale signs of aging that might eventually prompt one to contemplate the idea of getting a facelift done are;

  • Creases below the lower eyelid

  • Sagging in the middle of the face

  • Creases extending along the nose to the corner of the mouth

  • Loss of skin tone resulting in a drooping look

  • Loose skin

  • Excess fat along with loose skin leading to double chin.

Facelifts fix so much!... No wonder the procedure has become so popular amongst the population and no wonder it has become surrounded by so many myths and false ideas. Well, guess what we are here for? Yeap, for busting a few myths and clearing the confusion between what is true and what is not. Let’s get started.

Myth#1: You’re an ideal candidate if you’re old and a woman

A big no-no. Facelift does reduce the signs of aging on face but that doesn’t make it a procedure exclusive for the older lot. In fact, better results are observed in people who opt for facelift in younger age.

That does make sense, since the untouched parts in younger skin would be able to blend well with operated areas, however in older people there would be a huge difference between both the areas (droopy eyes for example), since the skin would be more loose and there will be more fat to remove.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Facelift procedure.
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Only women get facelifts done? Well, let us just take care of this by presenting you the statistics of 2013, according to which 10% of all the facelift procedures were performed on men [1]. Not only that, the procedure made it to the top 5 surgeries performed in males as well… Need I say more?

Stress, environmental factors, heredity and gravity equally affect both the sexes and facelifts help in regaining the youthful contours lost over the years due t these factors, it would be logical to conclude that both the sexes benefit equally from the procedure.

Bottom line: Facelifts produce results in both men and women. The lesser the skin that needs to be removed, the better and more natural the results would be. Congratulations! We’ve busted our very first myth.

Myth#2- Recovery takes a lot of time

Here you need to question yourself first. What does ‘a lot’ mean in your case? Years? Well, you do need to be mentally prepared for the fact that swelling, dryness and stiffness are a part and parcel of facelifts, which take months to subside. But, this doesn’t affect your routine in anyway. In absence of any complications, you should be up and running in 2-3 weeks. I don’t think that’s a lot for a reconstructive surgery. With an incision given anywhere in your body, healing does take time.

Many hospitals and clinics now offer a recovery program that speeds up the recovery and makes the healing period easy. Starting right from the next day, such programs mostly make use of;

  • Hyperbaric oxygen

  • Lasers

  • LED lights

Bottom line: recovery doesn’t take years, just 2-3 weeks and the tolerable side effects may subside in a few months, pretty much like all surgeries.

Myth#3- Mini-Facelifts are a better option as compared to a proper face-lift

Another important aspect that needs to be covered here is the option of one-hour-facelift done under local anesthesia. Also known as lunch-time facelifts, these short procedures are taken as a better alternative as compared to the proper ones.

What people don’t realize is that these procedures don’t have long-lasting effects. Also, it means that you have another mini-facelift waiting for you at the end of a year or two. Consult a board certified surgeon and let him/her decide what to do. The recovery time might be minimal in such mini cases, but what you get after recovery might not be what you wanted in the first place.

If you still think recovery is slow, then take into consideration the long-lasting effects of the procedure and the frequency as well. One facelift every year or one every seven years? Choice is yours.

Bottom line: Don’t go for mini-facelifts or lunchtime facelifts just to save yourself from the hassle of a proper facelift recovery. Let your surgeon decide.

Myth#4- face-lifts result in a plastic and artificial look

When we categorize face-lift under plastic surgery, it’s not because it gives a plastic look! Catastrophic results of a friend or an over-stretched face of a neighbor who recently got done with the procedure could be due to a number of reasons, a non-professional or not-so-skilled plastic surgeon for starters.

With an experienced, skilled board certified plastic surgeon you wouldn’t have a botched up operation or a fake look. Instead, you’ll end up with fresher, healthier and a younger looking face. An easy way out, is to communicate what you want and ask for pictures of previous clients who have undergone the procedure.

Also, telling people about a facelift you’ve undergone will naturally make them look for fakeness and flaws. On the contrary they wouldn’t even notice the ‘unnatural’ look if they didn’t know in the first place. Instead they end up complimenting your for a fresher, healthier and younger look.

Bottom line: the facelift doesn’t turn out to be a facelift if your choice of surgeon is good, your communication about what you want is clear and most importantly if you stay mum about the surgery altogether (not many notice unless you tell them!).

Facelift- an absolute treat for a tired looking face with lots of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. A trend that initially gained popularity amongst celebrities, is now something widely practiced by the common people. If you’re thinking of getting a facelift done, make sure you’re doing it for yourself, set realistic expectations and look for a good board certified surgeon with experience. We’ve busted the much common myths for you; I hope you make a wise decision.

Remember facelift only turns back the clock for you, but the clock still ticks… In simple words, the process of aging doesn’t halt.