• 04 June 2014

When we say the word liposuction, what do you imagine or envision?

Liposuction in Unexpected Locations

What part of the body ran through your mind? Liposuction in the tummy area may have been first. Then, maybe the inner thigh region. You may have even imagined liposuction on the hips. And, yes, these are very popular

places to have liposuction done. But, there are some parts of your body that do not instantly come to mind when you think of where to have liposuction done. These places can actually make a world of difference in your appearance though.

Let’s review these less popular areas and the benefits that liposuction can provide

Liposuction is used to remove excess fatty tissue. Liposuction is not done to reduce visible cellulite and it cannot be used independently to improve sagginess or loose skin. Liposuction is minimally invasive so it does not leave an obvious scar or require an extensive recovery time. It is a rather quick procedure that heals within approximately 3 weeks of the procedure, though the full results may take a little longer to be obvious. Liposuction is often times used in conjunction with other plastic surgeries to optimize your results. A lot of times we think of tummy tucks and liposuction as part of the same package, for example. But the benefits of liposuction can go far beyond your initial ideas.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Liposuction.
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Contouring the jawline with liposuction

Liposuction on the face can come as a surprise to some people, but it can be truly beneficial for so many. Liposuction around the jawline can be used to uncover a more defined, or strong jawline line. You can accomplish a much younger and slimmer appearance when liposuction is done to the jawline and down through the upper neck.

Liposuction to attack “back fat”

You know that little pouch of unforgiving fat that spills over your bra line? The one that is apparent on your back when you are trying to rock a slim fitting top? Yeah, that back fat. Liposuction can help get rid of that. Keep in mind that it will not remove excess skin if you have to combat sagging as well. But that skin can be removed with other plastic surgery procedures if it is of concern.

Liposuction can address male breasts

Men, you can benefit from liposuction too. If removing your shirt at the beach is emotionally painful or stressful, liposuction can help. Since it is a quick procedure that does not require much downtime, no one will have to know that you had it done. Instead, they will be impressed that all your work in the gym has finally paid dividends.

Getting rid of “cankles” with liposuction

“Cankles” is a slang term used to describe legs and ankles that blend together. Those who have cankles have little tapering of the lower leg before foot. Liposuction can be done in this area also to  create finer, more delicate ankles that look terrific in strappy sandals.

Liposuction as an alternative to breast reduction

In some cases, a little liposuction around your breast tissue can relieve some symptoms associated with large breasts without a full breast reduction.