• 16 July 2014

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is watching their weight and exercising these days? I would say that dieting has always been a popular trend, but the exercising craze has exploded lately. With these two developments on the rise, so is weight loss. And, with weight loss, comes post bariatric surgery.

Anyone who loses a lot of weight is bound to encounter a bunch of excess, loose, sagging skin. Skin that is perhaps aged and has definitely lost some of its elasticity. Although you have lost all the weight, you still may not feel 100% comfortable with what you are left with. Plastic surgery has developed countless surgical interventions that can be used to help people cope with this problem.

Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery has developed the perfect surgical procedure for those who fit in this category. It is called the Miami Mermaid Lift. The Miami Mermaid Lift is the ultimate lower body lift for post weight loss. It combines several crucial body contouring surgeries into one amazing procedure to get your lower looking… well… like a mermaid.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Mermaid Lift.
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There are some goals that we set to achieve before ever lifting a blade. We want to ensure that we are able to get these results:

  • Slim the waistline to create womanly curved hips

  • Flatten the stomach

  • Lift the lower abdomen, or public region

  • Redefine the belly button to “match” the new, improved waistline

  • Focus to lift the buttocks and thighs

  • Provide volume where it is needed for nice curves, and remove extra fatty tissue where it is not needed

  • To the best of our ability, reduce visible evidence of cellulite

To accomplish these goals, we have to use a variety of procedures including, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), thigh lift, buttocks lift along with liposuction and fat transfers when indicated.

What makes a Miami Mermaid Lift different from a typical lower body lift is that it is more comprehensive. The Mermaid Lift is designed to accentuate the natural curves of a woman. The multiple procedures are done all at one time so that the overall picture is better understood. This surgery is truly a form of art.

But you are in charge, just as much as the surgeon.

As the patient, you need to be prepared for this surgical operation. There is no room for error on your part. Once you have accomplished a certain weight loss goal, you must retain that weight. After these surgeries, you must be committed to continuing a fit lifestyle full of healthy eating and exercising. It may come as a challenge, but it is crucial and you have to commit to a healthy lifestyle before a Mermaid Lift is promised to you.

The Miami Mermaid Lift can also be effective for those who have sagging, loose skin associated with pregnancy and aging. Here at Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery, we are able to completely evaluate your specific situation and offer our professional opinions and recommendations. Maybe the Miami Mermaid Lift is exactly what you need to get the curves and shapes that you have been trying to achieve.