• 26 June 2016
When you think of a mermaid, you picture her slim waist, smooth rounded hips and curvy backside that taper into a slim fishtail. You, like many women, may dream of that silhouette for your own body.

Mommy Makeover Miami - also known as The Miami Mermaid Lift procedure was developed to offer those individuals who have undergone massive weight loss, either through gastric bypass or lifestyle change, the opportunity to uncover the slim body that hides inside the remaining saggy skin.

If you have successfully lost massive amounts of weight, you may be disappointed by the loss of elasticity in your skin, as well as the redistribution of skin and its underlying tissue. By addressing these concerns with a Miami Mermaid Lift, you can have the icing on the cake of your weight loss journey.

What can the Mommy Makeover Miami (The Mermaid Lift) do for me?

This procedure is designed to:

  1. Accentuate the waistline to create a more feminine flare at the hips.

  2. Flatten the abdomen to improve its contour and definition.

  3. Lift the pubic area to create a more smooth youthful transition to the lower abdomen.

  4. Redefine the belly button to compliment the bottleneck waistline.

  5. Lift and restore shape and volume to the buttock and lateral thighs.

  6. Cinch and redirect the skin to reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite in these areas.

Why the Miami Mermaid Lift over a regular lower body lift?

The design of most lower body lifts often does not address each of the crucial aspects, explained in the steps above. Patients may be left disappointed with their results.

Over the last ten years, working with over 2500 post-bariatric patients, we have developed the Miami Mermaid Lift. It was inspired by the feminine curves of the mythical mermaid which are emulated both in art and fashion.

What is involved in the Miami Mermaid Lift procedure?

The key to this surgery is properly placed tension. Just as in any graceful, well-constructed wedding dress, the lines smooth out wrinkles, lift key areas, augment curves and give an overall pleasing shape.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before a Mermaid Lift.
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We begin centrally by making sure to lift the pubic area smoothly without leaving any unsightly mound. At the same time we are flattening the upper abdomen without any need for a vertical scar. The incision is then carried out to the sides along a bikini cut, lifting and curving the thighs. We always tighten the midline abdominal muscles since this helps lower the scar further and cinches in the waist, allowing us to have the thighs flare out naturally from an hour-glass shaped abdomen.

The incision is then carried to the back along an imaginary bikini line and the buttocks are lifted and augmented with fat from the lower back creating a pleasing curve. The total effect is similar to that achieved with so-called Mermaid-cut dresses and perfectly addresses all the key points that concern most massive weight loss patients.

Recovering from the Miami Mermaid Lift

Another very important aspect to achieving the optimum shape is post-operative care. You will be pre-operatively sized for a compression garment customized to your figure. By choosing the right size and shape of garment before the surgery, and placing it on you directly in the operating room, we are able to better control tension and allow the newly placed tissues to conform to their ideal positions. This also allows you to be mobile sooner and you will be encouraged to begin walking the same evening after surgery.

For most patients, a day or two in the hospital is sufficient, but depending on whether other procedures are done simultaneously we sometimes keep our patients longer. Recovery is usually about three weeks, but varies a great deal.

Am I a candidate for the Miami Mermaid Lift?

If you have lost a massive amount of weight and have saggy excess skin throughout your lower body, you may be a candidate for the Miami Mermaid Lift. Your weight must have been stable for a minimum of six months and you must be following a healthy diet.

Will insurance cover this procedure?

If the procedure is considered medically necessary, some of the surgery may be covered by insurance. Insurance coverage for at least a portion of these procedures has improved dramatically over the last few years and this often takes a great deal of the financial pressure off allowing you to recover with a little more peace of mind.

Our staff will work with your insurance company to make sure they have all the required documentation to process the claim request.

We are often able to combine Miami Mermaid Lifts with hernia repair or gallbladder surgery at the same time, saving you recovery time and expenses that are not covered by insurance. Because of the extent of the surgery, we are cautious about doing too much additional surgery. On select patients, we will also do breast or arm lifts or breast augmentation along with a Miami Mermaid Lift.

Plastic surgery is often the “icing on the cake” of the bariatric weight loss experience. Once you have lost the weight and are feeling good, the Miami Mermaid Lift can make you feel complete by matching your newly restored inner harmony with a newly harmonious outer appearance. The Mermaid Lift can transform your figure and help you radiate that new inner happiness outwards.