• 27 April 2018

tummy tuck alternativeAre you looking for a tummy tuck alternative? If you’re one of those people who’s not willing to go under the knife, there are tummy tuck alternatives that you can consider to achieve a flatter tummy.

They’re not quite the real thing, but they can help you trim down the excess fat in your midsection.


tummy tuck alternative smart lipoAlso known as laser lipolysis, SmartLipo reduces fatty deposits in various regions of the body, including your tummy.

It uses a highly sensitive laser to dissolve these fat deposits, which are then naturally eliminated either through natural means or via a small incision.


tummy tuck alternative coolsculptingCoolSculpting reduces unwanted fat tissues in the abdominal area. It involves a cooling process that can isolate and freeze off fat cells. These frozen cells are then eliminated from the body through natural means, thus slimming down your midsection.

Although CoolSculpting can remove excess fat, it only works on people with good skin elasticity. Thus, it’s not a good tummy tuck alternative for those who want to get rid of excess sagging skin.

Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching is just like liposuction, except that your plastic surgeon specifically sucks out the fat between your abdominal muscles, thus creating a better muscle definition than traditional liposuction.

However, it does not remove excess skin as a tummy tuck does and only works if your body fat is below 18%. It is also an invasive procedure requiring general anesthesia.


thermage tummy tuck alternativeThermage uses radio frequency to tighten tissues and skin, thus toning abdominal skin even without surgery.

After applying the anesthetic cream on the tummy area, an activated laser is passed over the target area multiple times.

The procedure lasts for about one to two hours. The results start to appear within a few weeks, with the final results showing in four to six months.

Venus Freeze

Another radio frequency treatment, the Venus Freeze delivers heat to abdominal tissues, stimulating contraction and tightening of the underlying collagen in the skin.

Though the term “freeze” makes people think it’s a cold treatment, Venus Freeze is actually a warm therapy that feels like a hot massage.


LipoLaser is another non-invasive procedure that gets rid of stubborn fatty deposits in your belly.

It uses a paddle that has laser diodes that create light with a specific wavelength. The light passes through the skin and tissues, causing fat cells to become temporarily permeable and allow them to be drained naturally from the body.


The LipoDissolve is another nonsurgical position designed to get rid of stubborn fat in the abdominal area. It liquefies fat tissue, allowing for easier removal of fat cells through natural means.

Although LipoDissolve doesn’t involve surgery, it includes the injection of vitamins, enzymes, and other natural ingredients to help break down fat.

Cellulite Reduction Procedures

VelaShape and VelaSmooth are just two of the many cellulite reduction procedures out there.

VelaSmooth uses gentle massagers to help mitigate cellulite over a few sessions. VelaShape uses massage therapy as well, but it uses a dual connector that makes it more efficient in delivering treatment.

free consultationKeep in mind that most of these tummy tuck alternatives only target fat in your belly, not excess sagging skin. If your problem is loose skin, schedule a Free Consultation with one of our reputable and double board-certified plastic surgeons so that we can recommend the right procedure for you.