• 04 May 2018

tummy tuck resultsYou’ve often heard plastic surgeons say that tummy tuck results are permanent, but what exact results are you going to have? Do they last?

Are you going to see them right away? Are there factors that can help you get better results than others?

To answer these questions, read on and find out more about how you can achieve the best outcomes for your tummy tuck surgery.

What tummy tuck results should you expect?

Though a tummy tuck gives instant results, those results will initially be obscured by swelling. Once your operative site has fully healed, you will notice that your tummy has become flatter and firmer, with a contour that’s proportionate with your weight and body type.

You can expect clothes to fit you better as you no longer have to worry about concealing your midsection. You might also notice an improvement in your posture as your abdominal muscles are surgically tightened. As for your tummy tuck scars, it might take a year for them to fade and become unnoticeable.

As a result, you now feel more confident in your own skin, shedding away any insecurities that you have with your body.

How can you get the best abdominoplasty results?

To make sure that you get great tummy tuck results, you should prepare well for your tummy tuck surgery.

It’s important to be within your ideal weight before surgery so that abdominoplasty can take care of loose excess skin. Maintain it for at least six months before surgery to get your body used to living a healthy lifestyle that’s also necessary for maintaining your abdominoplasty results.

You should lose as much visceral belly fat as possible, since such fats lodge deep within the abdomen and the surrounding organs, making you look bloated. Plus, liposuction and tummy tuck won’t affect visceral fat.

Finally, avoid smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery to improve healing and prevent your incisions from breaking down and causing complications.

How long do you have to wait for your final tummy tuck results?

Your final tummy tuck results will show up six months to one year after your surgery.

At first, you’ll experience a lot of swelling on the first few weeks post-op. By the fourth month, most of the swelling will be gone and you’ll start to see your final shape. You’ll even be able to fit in smaller-sized clothes.

Your scars will also fade noticeably after a year, although it will continue to become inconspicuous as time goes by.

How can you maintain your abdominoplasty results?

tummy tuck results healthy lifestyleTo maintain the results of your tummy tuck, you need to commit to a healthier lifestyle. That means eating the right foods and maintaining an active lifestyle to keep the weight off. Gaining more than 15 pounds after your tummy tuck can cause you to build up more abdominal fat, messing up the results of your surgery.

It will also help if you would quit smoking and drinking, as these two habits can interfere with the natural healing process.

It’s also helpful to wait until you’ve had your final baby before getting a tummy tuck. Pregnancy can cause your abdominal muscles to separate again, thus necessitating another tummy tuck just to go back to having a flat belly.

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