Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami: Techniques and Variations

hourglass figure

hourglass figure

No other butt augmentation procedure can quite match up to the Brazilian Butt Lift. After all, this revolutionary surgery will not only make your butt look bigger, but it will also give you the hourglass figure that many women only dream of having.

Brazilian Butt Lift involves removing fat from fat-rich areas of the body like the back, abdomen, thighs, and hips through liposuction, and then injecting them into your buttocks. Because it makes use of the tissues in your own body, the procedure gives you a backside that looks and feels natural.

But as in other cosmetic surgeries, the aesthetic results of Brazilian Butt Lift vary with every surgeon’s technique. In this article, we address the basic steps involved in the Brazilian Butt Lift, as well as the various techniques that surgeons use to further enhance its results.

Steps in Brazilian Butt Lift

Before the surgery itself, you need to get a medical clearance two weeks before the procedure. Even if you are a healthy adult, you need to undergo a physical exam and complete blood count. Smokers need to stop smoking four weeks before surgery. Those taking aspirin should also stop taking the pill at least a week before. Fasting starts at midnight before surgery.

In general, Brazilian Butt Lift consists of three steps: fat extraction, fat processing, and fat re-injection. The whole process is done via local or general anesthesia.

Fat Extraction

The surgeon first removes fat from selected areas of the body through suction-assisted liposuction. That means making use of slender cannulas with small holes to collect fat particles.

The size of the cannula is extremely important. According to a 2012 study, tiny fatty deposits make better fat grafts than thicker and bigger ones because they have a higher percentage of live cells. Hence, surgeons generally use a 3-mm cannula with a 1-mm hole to ensure that only the smallest fat particles are being collected.

In reality, liposuction alone can already make your backside more attractive. But if coupled with Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction would involve contouring the areas around the buttocks to make your butt stand out more.

Some of the most common areas for fat extraction include the abdomen, thighs, and lower back. More often than not, two or three areas undergo liposuction to make sure that there are enough donor fat cells for re-injection.

Fat Processing

After liposuction, the harvested fats undergo cleansing and purification to isolate the highest quality of fat cells. This is done through decanting and centrifugation. Only a fraction of the fat will qualify for buttock re-injection. In most cases, this does not exceed 25 percent of the total extracted fat.

Fat Re-injection

After processing fat for quality, it is re-injected into different areas of the buttocks at various depths using special cannulas. This ensures permanent absorption since fat cells placed close to a blood supply and between muscle layers are more likely to survive and not be reabsorbed by the body.

Hundreds of micro-fat injections serve as entry points into the buttocks. Proper injection methods can help you achieve a smooth, uniform, and natural butt appearance.

Surgeons inject approximately 580 cc of fat into each butt cheek. Those with higher fat volume can get up to 1000 cc for each cheek.

Variations of the Brazilian Butt Lift

Surgeons use a variety of Brazilian Butt lift techniques to enhance outcomes. Some of these variations are as follows.

Miami Thong Lift

Dubbed as an improved procedure of Brazilian Butt Lift, the Miami Thong Lift does not only enhance the buttocks, but also sculpts, contours, and defines its shape.

Like Brazilian Butt Lift, the Miami Thong Lift also involves liposuction. But instead of removing fat from other areas of the body, the surgeon removes fat from any fullness that exists near the buttocks. The incision is made down the center of the butt crack, so the resulting scar is hidden in the natural crevasse. But the width of the scar depends on the fullness of the inner buttocks, as well as the amount of fat eliminated.

After liposuction, fat grafting is done to add volume to the butt and hip region. The stitches are designed to round your buttocks and also make movement comfortable.

Butterfly Lift

bblMost surgeons use the Butterfly Lift as an adjunct to the Miami Thong Lift because the latter may not be enough to give the desired results. Butterfly Lift involves more intensive scarring. The scar can be hidden at the top of the bikini line, but its width depends on the amount of work done. With the laceration made, the surgeon can pull the excess skin and lift it so that it does not sag.

Inner and Posterior Leg Lift

If there are loose parts in the outer or inner leg, the surgeon can do an Inner Leg Lift. This is usually done for women who developed loose skin because of massive weight loss. The surgeon cuts along the groin crease, hence hiding the scar. The scar is also anchored to the bone, so it will not be visible on the thighs. The surgery reshapes the inner thighs by reducing excess skin and fat. This results in smoother skin and better-proportioned thigh contours.


The C-Lift tightens up the entire buttocks region because it includes the posterior leg lift, the Butterfly Lift, and the Miami Thong Lift. The incision is in the form of a C-shape that creates a lift in the upper and outer part of the rear end. Again, this procedure is best for people with an excess amount of sagging skin.

The Brazilian Butt Lift takes anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours. It depends on the amount of fat to be removed, the treatment area, and your desired butt shape and size.

As in any cosmetic surgery, the surgeon’s skill and experience can spell the difference between a successful Brazilian Butt Lift and a disastrous one. It is best to find a surgeon in Miami who can properly explain to you the preparation, steps, and risks involved in a Brazilian Butt Lift. If you want to learn more about the procedure, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

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