Breast Augmentation NYC: 8 Things to Consider Before Getting One

breast augmentation nyc

breast augmentation nycPlanning to get a pair of breast implants? Breast augmentation NYC is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among women not just within New York City, but also in Miami and other parts of the US. Bigger breasts simply make women feel more confident about themselves.

But the decision to get breast implants often does not happen overnight. You have to consider several factors first, such as the following.

Implant Type

You’ve probably heard about saline and silicone implants. But choosing between these two common types is not the only choice you need to make about your implants.

You also have to think about breast implant shape. Do you want your breasts to look round and enhanced? Or are you going for the more natural look with teardrop-shaped implants?

Breast implants NYC also have different textures, profiles, and sizes. To help you come up with a decision, it’s best to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. He can provide recommendations while considering your skin elasticity, posture, and proportions.

Recovery for Breast Augmentation NYC

You can usually go back to light work within a week or two after getting your breast implants NYC. That’s why you have to make sure that you take a leave from work for up to two weeks to give way for your healing.

Expect your breasts to still feel sore up to a month. You should continue limiting your physical activities for up to 4-6 weeks, after which you can go back gradually to your normal activities and exercises.

Possible Risks

If you’re planning to have babies in the future, take note that breast implants can affect your breastfeeding ability.

Having an areola incision can damage some minor breast ducts. This disconnects the areola complex from the main portion of the gland, thus hindering your ability to breastfeed. Because of this, it’s also possible to lose nipple sensation.

That’s why surgeons advise that you get breast augmentation after having kids.

But such risks lessen if your incisions are located under the breasts or in the underarms. Still, complications you should watch out for include capsular contracture, wrinkling, dimpling, implant rupture, and breast tissue loss.

breast augmentation nyc before afterRegular Monitoring of Breast Implants NYC

To avoid breast augmentation complications, you must make sure that you get on periodic breast checkups.

If you have silicone implants, you need to undergo MRI examinations every 2-3 years to detect implant rupture and leaks.

You also have to get regular mammography check-ups for early breast cancer detection.

Willingness to Get Another Surgery

Unlike diamonds, breast implants are not forever. As much as 25% of women who got breast augmentation need another surgery to either remove or replace their implants, usually within ten years. If not, you’ll become prone to risks and complications.

And as you age, it’s also expected that your breasts will sag, especially with the weight of your implants. As such, you must prepare yourself for the possibility that you may need a breast lift in the future if you want to maintain the perkiness of your implants.

It’s important to maintain a good relationship with your board-certified breast surgeon so that you can come to him for any future surgery.

Clinics vs. Hospitals

A lot of plastic surgeons perform their operations inside their clinics and surgical facilities. But if you want a safer environment with easy access to emergency equipment, you can request your surgeon to do your breast augmentation in an accredited hospital.

Having your surgery in a hospital means more staff and better facilities. You can also have a hassle-free recovery in case you need to stay overnight. Most of all, hospitals have complete emergency equipment in case something goes wrong, giving you an added safety measure.

Our surgeons here in Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery always perform surgeries in affiliated Miami hospitals.

Plastic Surgeon

Of course, one of the biggest things that you need to consider is your chosen plastic surgeon.

Aside from checking trusted recommendations and reviews online, make sure that you look for an experienced plastic surgeon. Look for before and after photos of his previous breast implant patients. Also, ensure that he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to legitimize his practice.

Before booking a surgeon, try to go for an initial consultation first to get to know him better. Ask any questions that you may have about breast augmentation.

If you feel uncomfortable with the surgeon, don’t hesitate to look for others. He’s going to operate on you, so you should find someone whom you can trust with your life.

Cost of Breast Augmentation NYC

The cost of breast augmentation surgery varies according to various factors, such as your surgeon’s expertise and operation costs.

But another big factor that many women are not aware of is location.

For instance, breast implants NYC can cost around $7,250 to $8,250 depending on the type of implants used. But in Miami, where plastic surgery clinics are aplenty, you can get silicone gel implants for as low as $4,985 and saline implants for only $3,985. That’s thousands of dollars’ worth of savings just by changing your location!

With such a dramatic price difference, you might want to give Miami plastic surgeons a try. After all, you can use the money you saved to have an extended vacation in the city of Miami while you’re recovering from your breast implant surgery.

free consultationCome to Miami and schedule a Free Consultation with one of our double board-certified plastic surgeons here in Face+Body Cosmetic Surgery. Take advantage of the low costs and high-quality service and results that we provide here.

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