Breast Reduction Pain: 6 Large Breast Problems You Might Be Experiencing

breast reduction pain

Pain from heavy breasts is a real thing that many women all over the world experience. It causes not only chronic pain but also a plethora of health problems that only breast reduction can alleviate.

Wondering if you should go for breast reduction surgery? Check out the following signs you need a breast reduction ASAP:

Back pain

breast reduction painBack pain due to large breasts tops the list of causes of breast reduction pain among women with more than ample bosoms.

Heavy boobs pull your frame forward, straining your back muscles and causing both upper and lower back pain. Your back is constantly fighting to keep yourself upright, which is why the back muscles easily get fatigued, and you end up with back pain due to heavy breasts.

Shoulder pain

Aside from back pain caused by large breasts, you also experience shoulder pain from large breasts. Heavy breasts can cause a strain on your shoulders and even leave you with a stooped posture.

It might also be difficult to find a bra that would accommodate your large breasts, so you end up wearing bras that are too small for you. When this happens, the straps of your bra might be digging into your shoulders, thus causing more pain.

Breast reduction surgery can make your breasts feel lighter and stop your bra straps from leaving deep indentations on your shoulders.

Neck pain

Some women with large breast problems have reported experiencing migraines, and it might be related to the neck pain they feel due to their breast size.

Bras that don’t fit can lead to shoulder pain and grooves, which in turn leads to neck pain that can bring on headaches and migraines. It’s a cycle of health problems that start with having uncomfortably large breasts.

Breathing problems

Having large breasts can make exercising a challenge, as physical activities can leave you dizzy and out of breath rather quickly.

Women with large breasts may feel like they’re carrying extra weights all the time, so a bit of exercise can easily exhaust them.

Plus, overly large breasts can also put a ton of weight on your chest muscles and ribs, making it extra hard to draw in a breath and expel air from your lungs. Large breasts cause chest pain as well.

Posture problems

Because of the back pain caused by large breasts, you also develop a poor posture that makes you slouch your shoulders forward and create a hump on your back.

It might also be an attempt to make your bustline seem smaller, as many women said that large breasts made them feel self-conscious and lowered their self-esteem.

Skin infections

It’s not uncommon for women with large breasts to also have skin infections, especially under the folds of their boobs.

Breasts that are too huge can cause your skin to fold and rub on itself, causing chafing, rashes, and itchiness on the area. It may also be hard to access those skin folds when bathing, resulting in skin infections.

Common breast areas that are prone to skin chafing include the sides of the breasts, the inside of the upper arms, and under the folds of the breasts.

Skin problems are one of the medical reasons for breast reduction and may even help you qualify for insurance coverage.

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