Breast Surgery Series: A Quick Overview of the Breast Lift

Breast lifts help rejuvenate saggy breasts back to a more youthful condition. Many women over the years become unhappy with their breasts, because they are no longer perky. Gravity, age, weight, nursing and other causes can make the breasts droop unseemly instead of standing out straight, as they once did. Many women choose to have their breasts lifted through plastic surgery to regain a more youthful-looking bust line.

The technical name for this lift procedure is Mastopexy.

In this procedure, excess skin is removed and other tissues are tightened. This results in reshaping the breasts. Women, at times though, are leery of breast lifts, because they do not want scars to show. Luckily, the techniques used are designed to leave minimal scarring. Let’s look further at these techniques.

For a minimal lift, incisions are placed around the areola area. Only certain patients are approved for this type of lift, as the scars could widening of the lift could fail in the wrong subjects. A close analysis will be done to make sure the patient fits the right requirements for this surgical technique for a breast lift.

Another technique used to lift the breast is the inverted T. At times, this is referred to as the anchor approach. This is because there are three incisions made the first is made around the areola, the second is made vertically under the breast from the first incision to where the breast meets the rib area, and the third incision in made in the crease at the junction of the breast and rib area. This technique is used only in full breast lifts.

These two techniques are not the only ones used in lifting the breasts though, there is the one used today called a lollipop that results in fewer scars. It only uses the areola incision and a vertical incision with no incision in the crease. This is just as successful as the anchor technique with full lifts of the breasts, but this technique leaves much shorter scars than the anchor method does.

Is the lollipop method the best technique overall for lifting the breast? Many plastic surgeons today agree that this technique brings about more favorable results than the anchor technique does. The breasts after this technique have a more rounded look, which is more feminine than the results of the anchor techniques. On top of this, the breasts are supported better using this technique.

A highly trained surgeon will know which technique best suits his patient’s specific breast lift. Any patient contemplating a lift will have to go for a consultation to see which one is right for the patient. The doctor will also need a complete medical history of the patient. Certain physical issues could make surgery too large of a risk. The patient should always be honest with the doctor to receive the best results possible in a lift procedure for the breasts.

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