Eyelid Lift Surgery or “Really, I’m Not Tired!”

Eyelid Lift Surgery or Really, I’m Not Tired!

Eyelid Lift Surgery or Really, I’m Not Tired!

55-year old cardiologist, Don Dixon* was tired of always looking tired. He exercised regularly, ate a healthy and varied diet, slept well and felt as good as he had when he was 35 years old. But his face told another story. Friends and family were always asking Dr. Dixon if he needed to go take a nap. Occasionally during

a dinner party, he was asked if he was listening because it appeared that his eyes were beginning to close or droop with fatigue. But Don felt great. However, his appearance told another story.

With everyone always asking him if he was tired or if he was listening socially, Dr. Dixon was concerned about what his patients thought. Did he appear to be falling asleep during their consultations with him?

To address his concern, Dr. Dixon approached his friend and colleague, the chief of plastic surgery at the hospital where he worked. He discovered, as he had suspected, that he was an excellent candidate for an upper and lower eyelid lift procedure, also known as a blespharoplasty. As we age, excess skin often forms in the eye area and the skin loses its elasticity.  Fatty tissue may then accumulate under the inelastic and loose skin and the skin may fall over the eyes leaving them looking hooded or droopy.

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a short checklist of questions that you should ask your surgeon before an Eyelid surgery.
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The blepharoplasty procedure improves the appearance of the skin around the upper and lower eyelids (or just the upper or just the lower) and gives a tighter, more youthful appearance to the area around your eyes. This tauter skin can leave you looking more rested and alert.

This day surgery procedure is accomplished by removing excess skin and tissue and tightening the area around the eyes. Discreet incisions for this procedure are made along the natural creases of the upper eyelid and possibly along the outer lower rim of the eye’s skin. These incisions will often reach the outer corners of the eyes.

Dr. Dixon is thrilled with the rejuvenated look that was achieved with his procedure. The downtime was minimal and even in the days immediately following the surgery he was able to continue with many of his regular daily activities. Dr. Dixon feels like his face now matches his energy level and he believes that he can continue to instil confidence in his patients for years to come.


*name has been changed for privacy

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