Getting a Tummy Tuck Tattoo: 4 Tips to Remember

tummy tuck tattooScared of unsightly tummy tuck scars? Good news: You can get a tummy tuck tattoo to cover them up!

With an abdominoplasty tattoo, you never even have to reveal that you had a tummy tuck in the first place. These stomach tattoos can even cover stretch marks, thus improving your appearance. For many people who developed unpleasant scars, these tattoos are life-changing.

But before you hurry and get your scar covered up, you have to remember certain things to make sure that you’ll get the best results possible. Don’t forget to keep the following things in mind before getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo:

Your scar should be fully healed before getting a tummy tuck tattoo.

scars healed tummy tuck tattooWound healing is one of the most important factors you should consider before getting a tummy tuck tattoo.

It takes around a year before tummy tuck scars fully heal, so you should wait until then for your tummy tuck tattoo cover up. Scars shrink as they heal, so getting a tattoo too soon after your surgery can also make your tattoo shrink. Plus, it might cause the ink to compress around the scar line, making your scar more noticeable.

To know if your incision has fully healed, your scar should be flat and appear light in color.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family.

If you know anyone who got tattoos to cover tummy tuck scar, better ask her for recommendations. They might give you a lot of helpful advice, so it pays to know their opinion. They might even lead you to the right tummy tuck tattoo artist who will offer you a variety of tattoo options.

If you don’t know anyone who had the procedure, look for reviews and comments online. You might even get design ideas based on what kind of tattoo other tummy tuck patients got.

Your board-certified plastic surgeon might also have some recommendations for you. Don’t hesitate to ask him about it.

Research on the tattoo artist.

tummy tuck tattoo artistNot every tattoo artist is qualified to do stomach tattoos to cover tummy tuck scar.

Look for one who has experience in camouflaging tummy tuck scars. Ask to see before and after photos of previous clients so that you can gauge his capabilities.

Look at other options.

Sometimes, a tattoo is not the only solution for your tummy tuck scars. If your scar is lighter than your skin tone, then a tattoo might be able to improve it and match the color to your surrounding skin.

However, if your scar is hyperpigmented or darker than your skin tone, getting a tattoo may not be the best move. You might want to look at getting a profractional laser treatment instead, as this will help break down the pigment and fade your tummy tuck scar.

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