Making Miami Your Medical Travel Destination

miami medical tourism

Miami, Florida is an amazing global destination. It’s the type of place where you would never be bored. For starters, Miami offers amazingly beautiful beaches that are usually swamped with people from all over the world. There are museums for every interest and sporting events going on almost daily. Delicious food and music can be found in many restaurants and nightclubs.

There is a vibrant energy and culture that comes from its proximity to Cuba and its Cuban population. It is no wonder that Miami is one of the biggest worldwide vacation destinations. But, Miami is also a hot spot for something else: plastic surgery.

Medicine in Miami, Florida is booming. It is home to some of the greatest medical facilities including the University of Miami Medical Center, South Miami Hospital and the Baptist Hospital of Miami, just to name a few. But the question is why? Why has Miami, Florida made investments in their medical facilities? Why do they continue to go above and beyond what many other cities have to offer? Plastic surgery in Miami is no exception. Miami, Florida has become an outstanding destination for medical tourism in that specialty.

We cannot ignore the glorious weather that Miami has to offer almost year round. So, yes, the sun and sand has a big impact on attracting people to have their medical needs met in Miami. People are coming from near and far to have a Mermaid lift, tummy tuck, or face lift and then tack on a recuperative vacation on the beaches before leaving the beautiful city.

Aside of the amazing weather that Miami has to offer, it is also the location of some of the most well-known and best plastic surgeons. When you are searching for your surgeon, there are some key factors to remember. There are A LOT of surgeons out there, especially in Miami. So, recognize those who are board certified. This should be your priority when you are doing your shopping. Being board certified means that your surgeon is very well trained and has received certification through years and years of mentoring, training, and practice. Their certification is given through the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) which holds their surgeons to a high standard. The certification is done through peer evaluation and difficult and demanding testing making each surgeon an expert in their field of practice. When the necessary criteria are met, the surgeon betters their resume by receiving their board certification. So, in a nutshell, board certification guarantees experience as well as knowledge in their specific specialty. You can understand why this is so important when you are shopping for the right plastic surgeon for your medical tourism needs.

Another advantageous point that makes Miami your medical tourism destination is its easy access via the Miami International Airport.  If you are traveling within the US, the airport is one of the best.  In addition, Miami has one of the world’s most popular immigration entry ports. You can rest assured that arrival from other countries will be smooth given the volume of travelers and knowledge on the immigration process at this border point.

For a some bonus fun, keep your eyes peeled. You never know what celebrity could also be making Miami, Florida their medical destination.

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