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Stunning Celebrity Nose Jobs:


ariana-grande-nose-job (1)

1. Ariana Grande Nose Job

From Nickelodeon’s popular show Victorious in 2010 to the present day, Ariana’s appearance has changed a lot. And we are not talking just about her hair and skin. Her nose too has changed over the years. She now has a slimmer and more refined nose. Ariana grande nose job looks certain from her drastic change in appearance. Clear signs of a nose job we must say. Apart from nose job, her complete face makeover which involves her eyebrows and lips suggests that ariana grande plastic surgery has worked really well for her. Ariana joins the long list of celebrity nose jobs which has helped to transform the look completely. One can definitely count her rhinoplasty as one of the best celebrity nose jobs.



2. Beyonce Nose Job

The world has been a witness to the transformation Beyoncé has undergone from her earlier Destiny’s child era till today. It is hard to miss the subtle transformation brought about in her nose which now looks more refined than it has before. Beyoncé nose job is certainly different as the transformation is very refined.



3. Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

The former friends star opted for a rhinoplasty surgery quite early in her career. But it was not to enhance her appearance and to deal with her deviated septum. Jenifer Aniston nose job, however, brought only subtle changes to the shape of her nose.



4. Kim Kardashian Nose Job

Kim Kardashian has undergone complete transformation from her earlier partying days with Paris Hilton. She keeps on denying getting a nose surgery. Though, a slight change in the shape of her nose can be seen which is not due to contouring. If one looks closely, Kim Kardashian nose job looks certain as the shape of her nose has changed. Alongwith her her nose, one can identify that her lips and brows have also been transformed. Kim Kardashian West is one of the popular celebrity nose jobs which has worked perfectly well for her.



5. Kylie Jenner Nose Job

There have been rumours that Kylie Jenner plastic surgery has been the real reason for her transformation. Kylie Jenner got lip fillers and got rid of them. Meanwhile she also built a beauty empire and went on to become a self-made billionaire at the age of 21. And when it comes to her own beauty rituals and routines she follows the advice of her sisters. She has definitely followed the footsteps of Mama Kris Jenner and Sisters Kim and Kourtney when it comes to plastic surgery. One of the best celebrity nose jobs, it has helped her transform her look. Apart from her lip fillers, the Kylie Jenner nose job is the proof of that.



6. Sandra Bullock Nose Job

Sandra has constantly denied rumors of plastic surgery. These rumors have often left the actress very upset. Whether the change in her nose from her teenage years is a result of natural growth process or some medical intervention, it is now only left to speculations.



7. Bella Hadid Nose Job

Bella Hadid is a successful model despite her struggle with Lyme disease. From a simple girl next door who loves riding horses, Bella has grown into her super glamorous avatar. What else has changed is her nose. Gone are the days of the cute round nose. Bella can now be seen with a slimmer, defined and angular one.



8. Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Jennifer Lopez has denied any and all nose job rumors but her denial has not been enough to put an end to speculations which keep on growing. Her nose looks to be slimmer now. And not just that. The size of her nostrils has reduced too. Jennifer lopez rhinoplasty seems to have worked well.


9. Emma Watson Nose Job

There have been rumors that Emma Watson had a nose job. Emma’s looks have changed since she first started but whether a nose job is a part of those changes or not still remains an unanswered question. Maybe it is her normal growth or maybe it is a surgeon’s skilled hand. And if it is, then Emma Watson nose job is really very subtle and natural looking.



10. Paris Hilton Nose Job

One of the most popular celebrity nose jobs, the famous party girl Paris Hilton is rumored to have gone undergone the nose surgery twice. Her first nose job was rather unsuccessful with an elongated tip. The second one was however better. Anyone who checks the drastic change in appearance of her nose would be certain that paris hilton nose job has indeed happened.


11. Halle Berry Nose Job

Halle Berry is another one of those celebs who deny nose job rumors. Though, the actress has admitted that the thought of rhinoplasty crossed her mind. Now whether she actually went ahead with her thoughts and actually got a nose job or not is left for speculations.



12. Stana Katic Nose Job

Stana Katic has not been the one admit to all those nose job rumors. She has not refuted them either. So let’s just have her pictures from her past and her present do the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. It can be clearly seen that what used to Stan Katic’s wide bulbous nose is now slimmer. Stana katic nose job looks like a certainly from the before and after images.



13. Gigi Hadid Nose Job

Gigi Hadid is genetically blessed and was born a natural beauty. However, she too did take a little help. Minor tweaks in her nose have been done to enhance her already pretty and glam looks.



14. Tyra Banks Nose Job

Tyra Banks is one of those celebrities who have opened about their cosmetic surgeries. She revealed in an interview that she could feel the bones in her nose growing. Even though she had no trouble breathing, she underwent a nose surgery simply to enhance her appearance very early in her career.


Scarlett Johansson-nose-job

15. Scarlett Johansson Nose Job

Scarlett Johansson has actively denied the rumors about her nose surgery. This one time she even threatened to take legal action against a story published on her alleged nose job. However, her nose does look slightly different. Whether Scarlett had a nose surgery or not, it is just now left to speculations.



16. Jennifer Lawrence Nose Job

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most relatable celebrities out there. Case in point is her famous Oscar fall. Though, her simple goofy girl personality has not stopped her from seeking cosmetic interventions in order to enhance her appearance. She opted for a nose job and now flaunts a new nose which has narrower nostrils and a more defined nose tip.



17. Kate Middleton Nose Job

Even the Duchess of Cambridge could not resist getting surgical help in order to get a nose of her dreams. It is said that Kate Middleton has had two nose jobs. Her first nose job is what she called a graduation gift to herself. The later nose job was to improve the look of her nose which the first nose plastic surgery couldn’t completely do. The duchess now has a smoother and well defined nose.



18. Kristen Wiig Nose Job

There has been no confirmation about the Kristen Wiig nose job and only rumors and speculations. And yet, her photographs through years show how Kristen’s nose underwent change and has become slightly smaller. Once we pay attention to the before and after images, it looks like Kristen wiig nose job has indeed happened. The nose looks refined, sharp which is difficult to obtain without rhinoplasty.

19. Kendall Jenner Nose Job

Kendall has been in the public eye from her teenage years. Call it the desire to look more Hollywood glam or simply being inspired by her family, but Kendall had a nose plastic surgery making her nose look more smooth and defined. Her nose job has enhanced her appearance to a great degree.



20. Laura Bell Bundy Nose Job

This little girl from Jumanji has completely grown up and made a name for herself with her singles and Broadway performances. And believe it or not but laura bell bundy nose job has played some role in her success. It has made her nose look really sharp. The Laura Bell Bundy nose job gave her a complete makeover and made her look even more beautiful.


21. Miley Cyrus Nose Job

Miley Cyrus has undoubtedly come a long way from her Disney days and so has her nose. She underwent rhinoplasty surgery and had her nose tip altered from bulbous to a slimmer one. Miley cyrus nose job has worked perfectly for her!



22. Lana Del Rey Nose Job

Lana Del Rey’s looks have been constantly changing throughout the span of her career. She definitely looks different now from when she began her career. There have been speculations from fans about her nose too which has only gotten slimmer. Though the Summertime Sadness singer has denied the rumors of a nose job but the before and after nose job pictures say otherwise.



23. Margot Robbie Nose Job

Margot Robbie already had a beautiful shapely nose. But she still underwent the nose plastic surgery and got a subtle alteration in the tip of her nose. Now margot robbie nose job is surely an example of a successful rhinoplasty.



24. Tika Sumpter Nose Job

Tika Sumpter has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. And one of those surgeries is the nose plastic surgery. After her nose job she clearly has said goodbye to her old wider nose and now flaunts a relatively slimmer and defined nose. Tika sumpter nose job has certainly worked as her nose looks very sharp which has transformed her look completely.

25. Sophie Turner Nose Job

Sophie Turner is nothing alike her on screen character Sansa Stark. She likes to experiment with her looks. From her hair to makeup, she likes to bring a change in it all. The world has already witnessed her glam avatars but what attracted everybody’s attention even more were some of her Instagram posts where Sophie’s nose looks completely different thereby fueling rumors about a nose job.



26. Cindy Kimberly Nose Job

We all remember Cindy Kimberly as that hot girl who made Justin Bieber ask “Omg who is this”. This Instagram famous model has been open about Photoshop and lip injections. However, she refuses to admit a nose job even though it is being pointed out that her nose looks more defined and angular than it used to before. Pay attention and one can make out that cindy kimberly nose job has worked wonderfully well for her.



27. Dove Cameron Nose Job

Dove Cameron has been suspected of getting cosmetic help from an early age. It is rumored that she got lip injections when she was merely 16. And the next year was the beginning for interventions with her nose. Her pictures from back then to the present time show multiple small changes over the years. Her nose has become slimmer with an altered nose bridge and narrower nostrils.



28. Kelly Ripa Nose Job

The Live with Kelly host is rumored to have a nose job. However, Kelly has actively denied all of the plastic surgery rumors. In fact, she responded to a fan’s comment on her nose by stating that it was the same nose and also posted an old picture side by side her current one as proof.



29. Bella Thorne Nose Job

Bella Thorne has been in the limelight since she was a kid. She first appeared onscreen when she was just six years old. Her transformation over the years has been dramatic. It started with tweaks in hair and makeup and ended with surgical interventions. Along with her lips, Bella had some work done on her nose as well. Her nose is now more defined than what it used to be.



30. Brie Larson Nose Job

Brie Lardon too started early. She was a kid when she came into the glamorous world of Hollywood. It was after significant amount of years that she got her nose tweaked. It is said that Brie Larson had not one but two rhinoplasty surgeries. The first one only changed the tip of her nose making it more refined. It was the only the second one after a few more years which changed the width of her nose. Looking at the before and after images, one can be reasonably sure that brie larson nose job has happened.



31. Solange Nose Job

Solange has been known to alter her hairstyles over the years. She has always stayed true to her natural hair and is an inspiration to so many women. But it is not just her hair which has been constantly changing. It is speculated that Solange had a nose job. And it actually appears so as her nose now looks more defined and has a thinner tip.



32. Janet Jackson Nose Job

Michael Jackson is not the only one in the family to get plastic surgery. Sister Janet Jackson too opted for a nose plastic surgery and the difference in her appearance is clearly visible.



33. Melissa Gorga Nose Job

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga had a nose job, actively denied the rumors and also came clean later to accept that she did indeed had a rhinoplasty surgery to later her nose. She used to claim that it was contour but now we know her slimmer nose was surgical intervention and not some magic of the makeup.



34. Rihanna Nose Job

Rihanna’s nose has been an inspiration to people to go under the knife. Many people are ready to go under the knife to get the same nose as that of Rihanna. But did you know that Rihanna had a nose job herself? Her nose has changed and it is not the result of clever makeup hacks or ageing. It is cosmetic surgery. Her nose now looks less bulky with a narrower tip.



35. Leona Lewis Nose Job

Leona Lewis was successful on The X Factor but she has not had any success in putting nose job rumors at rest. Her nose clearly has become slimmer and more angular than it was before.



36. Angelina Jolie Nose Job

Angelina is one of the most beautiful women of the world. And this has led many people to speculate whether her beauty is completely natural or she has had help. Her fuller lips have been a hot topic for many years. But it is also her now slimmer looking nose which has fueled all those nose job rumors.



37. Cameron Diaz Nose Job

A nose job is done for two main reasons: cosmetic and medical. Cameron had medical reasons to go under the knife. She suffered from a nose injury in 2003 leading to breathing difficulties for the actress. Her nose job helped with her breathing issues and also changed the appearance of her nose.



38. Kourtney Kardashian Nose Job

The Kardashian-Jenner family is known to have taken help from surgeons to look how they look. Kortney Kardashian is no different. From her eyelids to lips, a lot has changed over the years. How can her nose be left behind? She has had rhinoplasty surgery to alter the shape of her nose which has now become slimmer and refined.



39. Gwyneth Paltrow Nose Job

It has been more than two decades for Gwyneth to be in the constant public eye. This is one of the factors which have helped her hide her subtle cosmetic procedures in plain sight. A comparison of her old and new pictures would suggest that gwyneth paltrow nose job has been successful indeed as she looks more beautiful now. Her nostrils appear more flat and the nose bridge is straighter. Her nose looks more defined.



40. Jennifer Grey Nose Job

Star of the mega hit Dirty Dancing, Jennifer grey had a nose job after coming into the limelight. Her increased popularity made her rethink her appearance particularly the shape of her nose. However, she has not been happy about this decision. She has often claimed that her nose surgery ruined her career.



41. Adele Nose Job

Adele has changed a lot over the years. Her transformation began with hair and makeup. She also lost a significant amount of weight. But that’s not all. Her nose too looks different. Adele had a rhinoplasty surgery. Her nose looks thinner and a lot more sculpted.



42. Victoria Beckham Nose Job

There is clearly a difference between the old nose and the new nose. It is safe to say that Victoria Beckham has had a nose job and her nose now is thinner and refined.



43. Anne Hathaway Nose Job

We can never forget the amazing transformation scene from The Princess Diaries. But has Anne Hathaway changed so dramatically in real life? There is one thing for sure. That ageing has had no effect on the star. She however has admitted about having had a nose job. She claimed that it was the intense Hollywood pressure to look beautiful like other girls that made her go through with a rhinoplasty procedure.



44. Emma Stone Nose Job

Apparently after Jennifer Lawrence, it is Emma Stone who has the girl next door thing going. But she too is said to have undergone the knife to tweak her looks. She clearly has had a nose job among other cosmetic procedures. Emma stone nose job has worked nicely for her as her nose looks more defined and sculpted now.



45. Debra Messing Nose Job

Debra Messing was asked to get a nose job by the director of the 1995 movie A Walk in the Clouds. She has refused to undergo the knife and has always denied all those plastic surgery rumors. Whether it is a different angle, lighting, good old makeup or rhinoplasty, it is something that is again left to speculations.



46. Natalie Portman Nose Job

Natalie Portman is rumored to have had a nose job. And we can see why. Her nose does look very much different in her before and after pictures. The actress has not addressed the nose job rumors yet but looking at the images it looks like that natalie portman nose job has happened. The width of her nose seem to have decreased and her nose has become sharper.

47. Mindy Kaling Nose Job

The star of the Mindy Project is yet to deny the nose job claims. But that has not stopped people from speculating. It is believed that Kaling too had a nose surgery.



48. Blake Lively Nose Job

Blake Lively has never admitted to the rumors of rhinoplasty surgery. But her nose has clearly changed over the years and looks more defined now. Whether she admits her nose job or not is a question for another day. All we have to say is that Blake’s Nose job is one of the most successful ones and looks completely natural.



49. Britney Spears Nose Job

It is not just Britney’s voice that changed. The Toxic hit maker has a different nose now from when she began her career. It is much slimmer and refined, all thanks to nose surgery.



50. Kate Hudson Nose Job

This beautiful actress and daughter of the legendary Goldie Hawn underwent the knife especially for her nose sometime in the year 2016. Her nose now looks slimmer, more defined and angular.



51. Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

The High Musical star has been very open about her rhinoplasty surgery. Ashley Tisdale has accepted to have undergone the procedure. She has said that she opted for nose surgery because she had a deviated septum on the right side of her nose. This caused her difficulty in breathing.

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This concludes our list of the most popular celebrity nose jobs. But always keep one thing in mind. It is completely okay to get a cosmetic surgery in order to enhance one’s appearance as long as it is done to cater to one’s own desires and not due to pressure from the outside world. So, if you want a nose job because it can make you look better. Then, sure. Go ahead. Get the nose of your dreams. You can find all the inspiration here.

Rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery that is often referred to as a “nose job”, or “nose reshaping”. It is performed to optimize the appearance of the nose, the proportion of the nose, balance the features of the face, and/or to increase a person’s self-confidence. In some cases, the nose job may be done to correct structural abnormalities that negatively impact the person’s ability to breathe correctly. Regardless of the reason why one may choose to have rhinoplasty performed, it is common for individuals to turn to celebrities to determine what they would like their nose to look like once the procedure has been completed. Let’s look at some of the most coveted celebrity noses for 2014.

Throughout history, the shape, form and appearance of the nose has been described in numerous ways. Common adjectives used to describe this facial part include “sophisticated”, “cute”, “distinguished”, and “sharp”. Most people understand that a well-formed nose has the ability to provide balance to the face and enhances the other features of the face. A nose that is too short, crooked, too long, or has another type of misshapen trait has the ability to negatively impact a person’s appearance, as well as their confidence levels. When one decides that they should have rhinoplasty performed, it is common for them to review pictures of popular celebrities. These examples provide an individual with the effective means of describing what they desire to the plastic surgeon that is employed to perform the nose job.

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