Mother and Daughters Arrested in Texas for Illegal Botox Injections

Mother and Daughters Arrested in Texas for Illegal Botox Injections

The Houston Chronicle reported on the arrest of a Texas mother and her two daughters for administering illegal Botox injections. Fifty-year-old Maria Lorena Teran was arrested for the third time on similar charges of administering cosmetic medicine without a license. At the time of her arrest, she was out on bond for a previous charge. This is the first arrest for her two daughters, Camille and Victoria Urgileshas; the article does not give details on how these girls were involved. Teran was administering the illegal Botox injections at a “medispa”. The facility, called La Femme’s, was located off Highway 6, which runs through west Houston.

A medical license or medical supervision is needed to perform Botox or filler injections.

Recommended providers are those designated as plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, ophthalmic plastic surgeons, or dermatologists. They can also be a registered nurse or physician assistant working under the oversight of one of the aforementioned specialists.

Without proper training, procedures, and/or sterilization of equipment, unlicensed procedures can lead to serious infection, disfigurement, and even death. Botox is a powerful agent, and if provided by an unlicensed facility or provider, there is no guarantee about the quality of the pharmaceutical ingredients. An unlicensed individual may not have the same regulatory standards and the risks related to the quality of the product are greater. These risks may include contamination, tampering, labeling errors, or others.

Finding a qualified injector

The best way to ensure you have found a qualified injector for Botox treatment is to ask at your consultation appointment. Qualified professionals will be glad to share their credentials, their background, their training, and their experience with you. Many medical societies provide tools to find licensed practitioners in your area. As an example, you can find an “Is Your Surgeon Certified” directory on the American Board of Plastic Surgery website. If you have any doubts about the qualifications of a practitioner, verify the information provided and trust your instincts.

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