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Breast reduction results into a smaller breast size that’s more proportional to your body. However, you won’t see the results instantly because of the swelling in the first few months after your surgery.

Still, you will experience immediate relief from problems brought about by large breasts like back pain, shoulder pain, and skin irritation.

A breast reduction procedure results in smaller more proportionate breasts.

The size of your breast is decreased in relation to the rest of your body. The procedure itself takes about three to six months before you can see the aesthetic results of the procedure and that includes the time for which is allowed for and the inflammation resolved and the scars to heal.

Now the clinical effects the symptomatic effects of breast reduction surgery are observed almost instantly right after the procedure. Patients often state that they feel lighter, they feel less back pain, less neck pain, and less shoulder pain, and actually walk around better.

So three to six months is the time period and the results will show themselves.

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