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There are several ways to help natural breast reduction, although they may not work as well as breast reduction surgery.

Diet and exercise can help you lose weight and burn off the excess fat stored in your breasts. Other natural remedies include green tea, ginger, fish oil, flax seed, and egg whites.

A natural breast reduction, I guess, is what can be achieved naturally without surgery in order to reduce the size of your breasts.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is obviously weight loss. Weight loss is probably one of the easiest ways to decrease the size of your breasts, if your breasts are subject to weight.

Another way to decrease the size of your breast is finish having babies after pregnancy. Typically the sizes of your breasts decrease to some degree, however in a certain population the size is the same or in fact gets bigger.

Some people talk about the tea tree and all kinds of different flaxseed oils and fish oils and gingers and all these different things. I don't know if those are really effective but I think that ultimately just comes down to a good healthy lifestyle is what will ultimately translate into possibly decreasing the size of your breasts naturally.

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